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Developer: Ovidiu Pop
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Current version: X-Tenth, last update: 6 years ago
First release : 22 Jun 2020
App size: 13 Mb
4.8 ( 1488 ratings )
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Laser pointer simulated X"Finally comes the new simulator X2 laser pointer supports over 8000 android devices from version 2.3 onwards
*** The X2 simulated laser pointer is just a game, it's not a real laser pointer, no laser light beam from your device will only create a simulation on the screen of your phone or tablet ***
+X-Piano Blues is included.
This wonderful game is designed to enjoy the musical laser sound effects and make jokes to your friends into thinking that your phone can make a laser beam by the light flash LED
The laser pointer X2 has been redesigned from scratch, retaining the essential aspects of the X series of laser pointers. It incorporates the acclaimed classic flash light flashlights and blinking as four new laser pointers and the new set of steel balls
The Laser X2 has been designed with the theme of steel. Both pointers as balls and the graphical interface has been generated with textures of real steel plates meticulously careful harmony in the decorative elements
When starting the application you can choose between the display of laser pointers, the steel ball game or flash lamps light. From the beginning you will have unlocked the green laser light pointer, so you can start playing with him. To unlock another pointer will have to get X platinum coins. The x coins can be won in several ways, the main way is playing the game of the steel balls which incorporates, for each level you get overcome new coins you get, you can also get coins directly to share on your favorite social network, It is implemented share on google plus, facebook and twitter directly, for that you must press the button store. To activate the red laser light pointers, blue and violet as well as turning the flash strobe must accumulate the necessary platinum coins. All coins are earned for free. The more laser pointers X2 win more special sound and spatial effects can enjoy
Game balls of steel and metal leusa
Have fun playing steel balls, this fabulous game ball includes over six hundred levels of increasing difficulty. Inspired by the classic bubble shooter game 80, we have created a wonderful world of steel and nickel chrome shiny metal and laser light reflection on the internal illumination colors of the balls. Your objective is to shoot balls in the metal screen and magnetic sticking with electromagnetism radioactivity lies the world of steel. Strong Shoot the colored balls with your ultrasonic cannon pointing in the direction of the balls of the same color, to join three or more balls of steel strength and power supersonic share the same fusion core gamma will make the super magnetism that joins disappear and fall with the force of gravity of world steel X2. You must be quick and daring to clear the entire screen of balls and thus advance to the next level. Do not neglect the roof fall soon, the gravitational magnetism attracts strongly the roof is composed of mercury and lead plated with silver on the origin of the metal world. Dig the exciting arcade mode, this mode is continuously in motion, the planet's magnetic field has reversed losing the natural balance, now the balls are in free fall, more power need your skill, concentration and speed to progress properly arcade mode. This mode has many levels and the difficulty will be greater as you go
In this new version we have included new languages ​​in the translation of texts and messages of the game
Remember that using the flashlight continuously can cause wear on the battery of your phone or tablet
Have fun with simulated laser pointer X2. All reviews and ratings are welcome
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