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Knowing how to choose jeans that flatter your figure depends upon your honesty. Grab a decent sized mirror and give yourself an honest appraisal. Are you carrying a few extra pounds around the waist and thighs? Then you’re a curvy lady. And no – that’s not a bad thing. Whatever your size, there is a perfect jean for you. Most of us have insecurities about various parts of our bodies. For me, I'm far from perfect ... but I'm also a long way from being bothered. Many of us have had children, or middle age is creeping in. Some of us were just blessed with curves from the off. But it's worth remembering that real women have real curves.- Jeans For Curvy Women. The jeans need to flex with our bumps – not flatten them or move them elsewhere. And the overall cut that’s best is the fit and flare type. Boot cut. The slight flare at the ankle balances out the hip width and adds to an illusion of a straighter, longer leg length.- Petite Jeans. Now petite jeans are something else. Being petite alone is more do do with height – not just shape. So saying, if you’re petite and curvy, you need to combine some of the tips for curvy women, and then adapt them to incorporate with your petite fit jeans. First off – never buy Capri length anything. That just shortens you even more – it only serves to cut a few more inches from the leg length. You need to aim for long, clean lines – a well cut straight leg pair of jeans is perfect.- Plus Size Jeans. Plus size jeans for larger ladies are just as easy to find as any other size, providing you know what to look for. First – make sure you buy the correct size. Don’t squeeze yourself into a smaller size. As with jeans for curvy women, make sure that there’s an adequate yoke piece. They really do make the difference where gaping is concerned. Don’t buy wide spaced rear pockets and make sure they’re the type of denim that have Lycra or spandex woven into the fabric. Avoid low risers – they’re simply not flattering. Although one can choose a pair of jeans with a low rise, caution should be exercised, because unless you are the queen of crunchies at the gym, these should be left for the younger ladies, in my opinion. If you have had kids, or love indulging in bakery goodies leave these for the 0 size models. Unless you have a flat tummy, low rise jeans allow the skin on the abdomen to flop unceremoniously over the top of the jeans resulting in what is often called a muffin top.
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