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Developer: pinpong
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Current version: 1.10, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 29 Dec 2024
App size: 2 Mb
4.2 ( 7152 ratings )
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Universal Unroot will Unroot ANY Android powered device that is already Rooted and has a form of Superuser installed (Android OS Version 4.2.2 and below as of 7/24/2013). Samsung Galaxy devices from 2013 and onward are unlikely to work correctly. Examples are Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy MEGA, Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy Note 3. This is because of KNOX.
LG devices will be fully unrooted, but will still say "Rooted" afterwards because of LG's eFuse.
Simply hit the 'UNROOT' button and allow Root Access when asked to give it permission. The device will then reboot and you will be completely Unrooted when you boot back up.
This is a great app for those who are trying to complete a warranty return with a carrier for a defective device hardware or a repair. If you only want to temporarily lose Root Access, this app is not for you. Unrooting is permanent and cannot be undone with this app. Only use this if you truly want to lose Root Access.
If your device has an Insecure Kernel (Boot.img) the app will now tell you and close. This is for users who could not bother to read the App Description that warns you that if your device has an Insecure Kernel, it will NOT fully unroot you.
Insecure Kernel (Boot.img) means that unless your Kernel (Boot.img) is brought back to the factory stock file, your device will never be unrooted fully, so this app will no longer bother attempting to try, only to get users complaining about not being able to OTA.
Please be aware, this app does not gurantee that it will fix your specific devices "Over-The-Air Update" issues. In most cases, anything you did with root such as: Debloating, Installing a custom Kernel, custom ROM, custom Recovery (like TWRP or Clockworkmod), enabling tether, etc. will NOT be un-done by this app. If you can't update because your system was modified, look for a way to flash back the entire device, such as Odin for Samsung.You can see a video explaining this by "zedomaxx" on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdlIxE7K_vw
Support for x86, ARM, and MIPS devices.Support for ChainsDD Superuser, Chainfire SuperSu, and Koush Superuser.
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