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Developer: SQZSoft
Price: 0 free
Current version: 3.2, last update: 6 years ago
First release : 08 Mar 2020
App size: 4 Mb
4.4 ( 4304 ratings )
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Speed Alarm is a FREE application that uses GPS to monitor your actual speed and give you sound/voice/flashlight alarms when you exceed a speed that you asked it to watch. This app DOES NOT detect the speed radar and cameras, please follow the speed limit symbol on the road to drive safely.Important notice: Android 6.0+(Marshmallow) users please manually enable permission "android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW", or the speed panel will be unable to display.
Features:* Powerful video recording function, record videos and take pictures when you driving. Use the accelerometer sensor to detect crash events, and starting saving recorded videos automatically
* Control app by voice commands: Change speed limit, start/stop recording video, start/stop taking pictures. The voice commands can be recognized online or offline. If you are driving in city please use online mode since more accurate, if you are driving countryside or highway please use offline mode since it is much faster and stable
* Speed can be displayed as digital or analog
* Can run in the background, even turn off screen.
* Turn ON Floating window, you will have a floating window above all other applications. So you can use Speed Alarm with other navigation applications at the same time (Speed Alarm will float above the navigation application UI)
* Turn ON HUD (Head-up Display) mode, you can project speed information on your car front windshield
* You can directly turn ON/OFF alarms on the main screen, or only turn ON flashlight alarm when you have baby or other passengers sleeping in the car during driving
* Supports speed by km/h and mph, can display your current actual speed and altitude
* Can display GPS date time and altitude on the screen. If the device has temperature sensor, the app will display current temperature
* Supports 9 different alarm sounds, can use customized .mp3 file for sound alarm
* Max 8 buttons for 8 different speed limitations
* Black theme with strong contrast, working perfectly under bright and dark environment
* You can sliding the speed panel left/right to adjust brightness, or up/down to adjust volume
* Option for auto start app when Android device boot up, and auto start the service when app launched
* Option for auto start app when power connected, and close app when power disconnected.How to use this function: Connect charge cable to your android phone with power supply, and hang it on your car front windshield vertically in 10 seconds, the app will start automatically
Suggestions and bug report please send email to:[email protected]
or visit our discussion group:https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/sqzsoft-speed-alarm
We will be very glad to help you. Enjoy this product, thank you!
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