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Droid Tracker is the most accurate, most powerful mobile phone monitoring application that can monitor the entire content of the household's mobile phones in real-time, thus ensuring the safety of family & friends.Therefore, you can monitor all of your family's mobile phone activity, including the recording of locations, text messages, call history, and contact list. It is a way to protect one's family 24 hours a day when they are not at your side, and it can bring you peace of mind once this application is installed on your mobile phone.Who would need Droid Tracker? If you have a family with elderly members that have reduced mobility or young children, you need to stay informed about their locations and situationally aware of their activities in order to help them stay out of danger.Droid Tracker will not collect information about the family without notification. Any monitoring of usage behavior without the user's consent is illegal.
Droid Tracker List of Features
✔ Location Map:. View of the current locations of the family in real-time All prior location history will be saved.✔ Contacts & Call Log: Receive immediate notification of incoming calls and can view other contacts at any time.✔ SMS records: When anyone in your family receives or sends an SMS message you will be immediately notified. (No word limit, and it includes a draft of the message.)✔Fast Sync: Employs a variety of ways to ensure that information can be quickly synchronized with your mobile phone. Even if messages are deleted, they can also be synchronized.✔ Mobile Phone Status: Family phone status, battery condition, WiFi usage and other information can be viewed from your mobile phone at any time.✔ Guardian Mode: - Can capture photos and voices of the surrounding environment.- Guards against accidental uninstallation.
Droid Tracker provides real-time mobile phone monitoring data.
Droid Tracker's focus is on safety and practicality. It has a variety of collection and synchronization techniques to ensure that your mobile phone is promptly updated regarding any mobile phone changes, so you can always protect the people you are most concerned about.
NOTICE: To obtain more accurate location information, GPS functionality must be activated. To protect your privacy, Droid Tracker will not store any personal information. Please save your own data.
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