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Developer: Solo Launcher Team
Price: 0 free
Current version: 1.0.4, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 02 Sep 2024
App size: 6 Mb
4.6 ( 1456 ratings )
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> 2.2k
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~ $ 900
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Aurora AppLock Security with keypad password is a privacy app lock to protect secret security. Lock private photo & hide video with pattern password or pin code. Snoopers can never peep privacy chat history or use your facebook or gmail account without applock password to unlock. Aurora AppLock Security can catch intruders photo for you, a super safe lock to guard privacy secret safe as long as you enable this security vault locker. Duel security shield, hacker will never enter your phone with app lock & screen lock. Lock privacy secret security with app lock pattern or keypad password, hide personal photo and video using pinpad code to encrypt your private data, block intruder to use your android phone with Aurora AppLock Password Master Lock Screen. Numerous disguise modes to cheat intruders to give up fetching your private photo and bank account data, secure your wealth, protect private data from leaking out by hackers.Use Security Space AppLock to lock photos, videos, contacts, email and apps, like facebook, messenger, instagram, gmail, google wallet, in-app purchase games and so on. A super security app lock to buid privacy vault fence to secure private data.Aurora AppLock Password Master features:1. Lock personal photo, hide pictures in gallery.2. Lock private file or data, hide secrets in unknown path.3. Lock contacts, incoming calls, SMS, and chat history.4. Lock photo, video or apps with fake disguise with fingerprint pattern lock.5. Lock apps such as facebook, gmail, messenger.6. Lock private video, hide secret videos in video vault.7. Lock settings to prevent intruders from peeping your secret.8. Lock recent apps, ease to set but much more security.9. Lock screen with clean & beauty themes & wallpapers.10. Lock your android phone using random password, so snooper can never remember it.11. Lock the same app after certain duration, relock it after 5 minutes or after screen locked.12. Catch intruder selfie, protect apps from snoopers.13. Read worldwide breaking news by sliding right on screen lock interface.
When to use Aurora AppLock Password Master:1. Work or chat at office: prevent work mates peeping your secrets.2. Friend request for phone use: protect private photo or video safe, never been seen in security photo vault.3. Parents check phone: hide private calls, SMS, chat history, lock social apps, use disguise to cover apps like dating apps or games.4. Kids wanna play phone games: use app lock security space to lock all apps you never wanna your child to find.5. Lost your phone: after enabled app lock and lock screen functions, any one who got it can never enter your phone without correct password or pattern code. Protect your private data such as financial account safe.6. Take shower: prevent girlfriend or boyfriend checking your ex text message or calls.7. Wanna keep secret safe, never wanna any one to intrude, peep or hack your private data.
---FAQ---1. How to change password?Open Aurora AppLock Password Master, enter Settings to change password.2. Can not unlock private photo or video in the vault?Check your internal storage, if less than 16% free, system will not let us move photo or video back to original position.
Use Aurora AppLock Password Master to lock Google Play to prevent others buy games. Enable power saving mode to save battery. More secure, more privacy, all in one security vault, protect private data as you want.
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