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-- Description --Forget about all those IV, attacks, defense, stamina and what not, Pokemon Go is a fun game not a math class. Poke Sensei is here to help preparing your next Poke champion! Unlike other calculators, Poke Sensei gives you actual advices on what to do than just numbers.
By a simple glance, the sensei can1) Show all you need to know about your pokemon’s evolution, such as - how many stages ahead- estimated CP after evolution- candies required- the best possible CP of the same level
2) Show all you need to know about powering up your pokemon, such as - candies and stardust you need to power up to max level- estimated CP when training is complete- maximum CP for the perfect one to compare
3) Advise you whether to evolve, power up, hold on or to transfer for candy, and most importantly WHY.
4) Tell you where this particular pokemon can be more likely to find.
Go awesome trainers! You catch as many Eevee as you can and let sensei tell you which one will be your Champion Vaporeon!-- Disclaimer--This app and Six Coins LLC are not affiliated with Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Game FREAK or Niantic Labs. This app does not access, store or mutate any in game data owned by the companies mentioned above. This app does not use or reference any in game graphics, unexposed data from Pokemon Go. All suggestive graphics that references Pokemon and its corresponding trademarks are owned by The Pokemon Company.
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