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In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful.For any Sunni Muslim who wants to learn the Prayer (الصلاة) This free prayer app (Belajar Sholat) will allow you to know how to pray step by step(كيفية الصلاة). Despite you already know how to pray or not. If you’re a new musulman (new comer to Islam), following this salat tutorial (البرنامج التعليمي للصلاة)will make you a pro Insha’Allah. Although, there are so many mistakes that everyone made or still making in prayer, and that’s exactly why we created this Islamic application with kids gloves, to teach you the right way to pray and correct all salat errors, so you will keep your head above water, and you’ll make sure that you’re following instructions of Allah (god/الله اكبر) and his prophet Mohammad (alayhi salat wa salam). This app will also tutor you about the prayer of Eid Adha ( AID GRWM/عيد الاضحى) or Eid-al-fitr (عيد الفطر) and Ramadan(رمضان) and others... May Allah guide all of us to the right path.
We’ll teach you how this Islamic religious practice works. Let’s suppose you went to the mosque or to Mecca(الحج ). How can you pray? How will you know the Hadith(الحديث النبوي)? Adkar(الأذكار)? Dua (الدعاء)? Coran(Quran/القرآن الكريم)? Islamic Rosary? Sourat ? kutr ? Well, you’re at right place. Because here, you’ll find answers for all of your questions. It’s For beginners, for children, for person who meditate (because prayer is considerate as a meditation too !)… everybody will get wind of sobh prayer(صلاة الصبح), dohr(صلاة الظهر), asr(العصر), Maghreb(المغرب), icha(صلاة العشاء), and also The Voluntary / Additional (Nawafil/النوافل) Prayers such as fajr prayer(الفجر), witr prayer(كيفية صلاة الوتر), tarawih(التراويح), doha prayer(صلاة الضحى), salat eid(صلاة العيد) and all types of prayers.
NB: for musulman women, it’s a mandatory to wear Hijab(the scarf/الحجاب) and only show their hands and their faces while praying. And before you start, you have to do your Ablutions (wodu/الوضوء) and pray in a clean place. Q’Allah accepts our salawat and forgives our sins. Remember me in your dua’s(الدعاء)!
Praise be to Allah, Lord of all the worlds.
CHARACTERISTICS and App features:- Super-Fast Loading!- Supports All Of Your Favorite Chat Apps!- Learn the prayer in a fun way without getting bored!- The audios and the pictures will make you understand better- there are dua’s additionally which can be recited during the Prayer- it’s totally free!- The application is aimed at Muslims, Reverts and Non-Muslims alike to LEARN and CORRECT their Salaah- Share option for benefiting others with this useful Prayer App is also provided.- illustration of each step taken during every Salat Prayer along with Audio- Available in Arabic, English, French, Indonesian and others- Good performance- Security and Simplicity for the user
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