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Does life often seem awfully unfair to you?Do you sometimes feel that your regrets and resentments, even if you do have a lot to be aggrieved about, are somehow holding you back?
When bad things happen to you, or you realize that your circumstances mean that you can't realize some of your natural hopes and dreams, it's only natural to feel down about it. Life can be very hard, and the toughest of us are still vulnerable to knocks. We may suffer physically, emotionally and mentally. And sometimes there really isn't anything you can do about it.
What happens to you when bad things happen to you
When you get a knockback, any knockback, there is always a process of grieving to go through. Whatever would have happened if that knockback had not been there now won't happen. You've lost that potential future that maybe you were counting on. Sometimes this might be a small matter that you quickly recover from. But it could also be something major, calling for a lot of grieving.
People don't always recognize that the feelings of self pity they experience at such times are grief, because most people think that grief is what you feel when someone dies. If nobody died, how can these feelings of resentment, anger, bitterness and regret over bad things that have happened to you be grief? But this is just what they are. The future you would have lived (if not for those bad things) has died.
So when you feel sorry for yourself, and acknowledge that you've lost out on things you feel you should have been able to do or to have, possibly through no fault of your own, you are grieving. And grieving is an appropriate response to loss.
At the same time, it is important to understand that grieving is a healing process with a purpose. It is not a permanent state of being.
The purpose of grieving
What is the purpose of grieving? It helps us:
Acknowledge the loss we have sufferedSeparate ourselves from the future that is not to be, andPrepare for a different future that will have its own positive aspects.When we make it through the first two stages, but don't start on the third, we get stuck in self pity, forever dwelling on what was lost and turning our back on the possibility that life could still be good. It's like getting stuck in quicksand. Contrary to popular belief, quicksand won't suck you under completely, but it can be mighty difficult to get out of if you don't know how.
So how can you help yourself stop focusing on what went wrong for you and turn towards the future?
Hypnosis can help you step out hopefully into your future
Stop self pity is an audio hypnosis session that uses powerful hypnotic techniques to help you let go of what happened and get ready to take your life in a new, positive direction.
As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you
Find the benefits of regular deep relaxing trance permeating all areas of your lifeBegin to fully accept that the past is past and allow yourself to really start healingStart to get a real sense of how you want to be moving on in your lifeDevelop a greater sense of positivity about your futureFeel more calmly confident and resilient within yourselfNotice yourself acting and feeling so much more optimistic.
Download Stop self pity and get ready for a whole new future.
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