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Pure Putt 11 offers fun and challenging ways to improve your short game, rate your distance consistency, and even organize and compete in putting competitions!* Four game variations offered: Ladder, Pure Points, Strategy, and Ace Race!* Manage multi-round putting leagues* Track your score with the multi-player scoring system* Great for practice or competition* Track personal best scores and compete for listing in the weekly High Score Top Ten* User stats graphics* Post results to Facebook or email* Unique scoring system allows putting rounds to be combined with 18 hole rounds for new variations for tournament formats.
All disc golfers know consistency in putting saves more strokes than any other aspect of the game. Consistency begins with repetitive motion and confidence (mental game). Daily practice develops repetitive motion, increases confidence, and expands your "automatic" range! Practicing putts a few hundred times daily can become monotonous and improvements difficult to track! Pure Putt 11 brings competitiveness to practice where results are gauged and recorded. You'll not only see the results via the app, but also through lower scores on the course!
GamesThere are three (3) variations of game formats available: Strategy, Ladder, Pure PointsEach format has the option of playing from one to four rounds.
ScoringPoints are awarded equal to the distance of a successful puttPoints are deducted equal to 50% of the distance of the putt attemptedEleven (11) bonus points are added if all putts in a round are successful.
Example: Successful 20' putt = 20 points / Unsuccessful 20' putt = -10 points
The object is to gather as many points as possible. Pure Putt 11 takes the total points, along with the average putt distance and calculates a final score. An average PP11 score would be similar to a course par of 54 of an 18-hole round. Lowest score wins!
Bonus points reward consistency. Missed putt deductions offer 'risk and reward". The object is to "find your comfort zone" where scores are maximized .. stray too far away and be penalized!
Strategy1. Each player has 11 putting opportunities per round2. In order, a 10', 20', and 25" putt must be made before proceed to other distances3. After accomplishing the 25' putt, player may choose whatever distance up to 50' for his remaining putts.
Ladder1. Each player has 11 putting opportunities per round2. Two (2) putts must be successfully made at 10' and 15' distances, then one (1) successful putt at 20', 25', 30', 35', 40', 45', & 50'. Player can not proceed to the greater distance until the current distance is accomplished.
Pure PointsPlayer's may select any position for all putts. Take the risk, reap the reward!
Ace RaceUse it for tracking Discraft Ace Race's or as a putting competition from various distances! It will score like a regular Ace Race event for 18 holes. Hit metal and receive one point. Hit an ace and get 5 points. Highest score wins!
The free version limits the number of players and rounds per event. Archive games are also limited. There are no ads in the premium version.
Are you one who can drive 400' but find it a challenge to hit those 15' footers to finish the hole? This app was built for you! Pure Putt 11 will definitely knock some strokes off you game and bring enjoyment and interest back into your putting routines!
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