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Current version: 1.8, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 13 Dec 2023
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Universal taximeter for all.We tried to take into account all the possible tariffs, different methods of calculation .It is a tool for all , we are not trying to teach drivers how to work , we made a tool with which you can decide how to consider the price of the trip in your taxi.The program of the first run includes several tariffs for example , you can change them .Fare consists of "initial charge" , distance price, time travel price, idle price. "Initial charge" can be splited by time and distance , or joint , which ends when it ends one of the parameters . Distance and time can be considered either together or " one of " at what you can specify a low speed - is the speed below which it is considered that we are stopped.At the end of a trip you get a detailed report of what constitutes price and you can show the passenger what he pays so much .You can also configure additional services , which are paid by the piece and activate them on the go . When you start as well as the fares you get a little list for example.
The main feature of our taximeter - you can change the fare on the go , such as a path starting in the city include the "city fare" , but as you move out of town , you can switch to "country fare". Just be aware that when you change the fare , not all parameters are changed , such as the parameters "initial charge" remain from the starting fare.If you are having difficulty with the task of your fare - email us prompt . If you have a fare that we have not considered - write, do our taximeter more versatile.
Do not forget that you must have a device with GPS, otherwise it will be considered only time. If distance are not considered - first try to install special software to test GPS, which is full here on Market.
Taximeter adapted for tablets - easy to work on the go. And taxi drivers with the weakest devices will also be able to work because the application is not demanding to resources, there is nothing superfluous .Day and Night skins available.We have widget with sum over all other applications (Only for Android 4.0+)
It is suitable for passengers to check if you are not cheated . :)
Password: you can set password to protect fares for editing (set password and close the app to activate). Remember - if you forget the password then you will have to reinstall the app (and lost all).
AutoIdle: activate it and waiting will be switched onoff automaticaly.
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