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Pool Chem Dose Calculator will calculate the exact chemical dose needed for 38 chemicals in 11 categories for any size pool in US Imperial or Metric measures. To use it you enter the pool volume in gallons or liters, choose US Imperial or Metric, select which item you want to change from the drop down list and then enter the desired change in ppm or mg/l. Pool Chem Dose Calculator then lists all of the chemicals that can be used for that item change and the doses for each one. It only shows 3 chemicals on the screen. If there are more than 3 for an item, you can scroll down the list.No brand names, no sales just the exact dose of the chemical you want to use by chemical name. Use it while you are at a pool or in the field to find out how much chemical to add to make a correction or increase or decrease a condition.
Select from the following items:
Increase Chlorine, 15 chemicals Increase Bromine 2 chemicalsIncrease Alkalinity 3 chemicals Decrease Alkalinity 2 chemicalsIncrease Hardness 2 chemicals Increase CYA 2 chemicalsIncrease Oxidizer 1 chemical Decrease Chlorine 6 chemicalsIncrease Salt 1 chemical Increase Borate 3 chemicalsIncrease Copper 1 chemical.
For example, if you want to Increase Chlorine by 3 ppm in a 14,750 gallon pool, enter 14750, select US Imperial, select Increase Chlorine from the drop down menu and enter 3.0 in ppm. Instantly see the amounts needed to get 3.0 ppm chlorine in that pool for 15 types of chlorine. Makes it easy to compare and see which might be cheaper to use or make a substitution.
You can also use the Pool Chem Dose Calculator to figure out the change to a water condition if you add an amount of chemical. For instance suppose you have a 15,000 gallon pool and you want to know how much the free chlorine will increase if you add a gallon of 10% liquid chlorine. No problem, just enter the pool volume, select US Imperial, select Increase Chlorine and then enter an amount for ppm. Keep changing the ppm up or down until the dose amount for Chlorine 10% gets near 128 fl oz or 4 qts.
Saves money because you get the exact dose for that pool – no more guessing. Have an emergency where too much chlorine was added and now you need to neutralize the chlorine in the pool? No problem, Just enter the pool volume, US or Metric, select Decrease Chlorine and enter the amount of chlorine you want neutralized and you get the amounts needed for 6 chlorine neutralizers. You will find this app invaluable.
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