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Effective treatment and prevention of noise phobia in dogsWhen panicked, many dogs pinch their tail and start trembling; they tug on the leash and try to run away when a tram, a train, motorcycle or truck are passing by. Others may panic even when their owner sneezes, or when the wind shakes the tree tops, a baby cries or a vacuum cleaner roars. Inexplicably, many animals react fearfully to harmless everyday sounds. Thus a dog walk can turn into a stressful – maybe even dangerous - experience instead of relaxation.
Neither soft speaking nor shouting can calm a panicking dog. Against stress and panic, triggered by everyday sounds, animal therapists have developed a viable treatment called "systematic desensitisation". The anxiety causing noise is played in the presence of the canine patient in a familiar and friendly environment.
Starting with a low level, the training involves repetitions and an increase in loudness. Relaxed listening and toleration of the stimulus will be rewarded and encouraged with treats, praise and pats. Actually the matter of fear turns into doesn’t matter.
Smartphones with their apps offer a completely new and effective training and therapy solution. Via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi access to speakers at home, in the car, and even via loudspeakers in a dog’s collar, user-friendly and effective training courses can be provided wherever you are.
To prevent and treat relevant fears in dogs, DOXEAR, in collaboration with Dr. Roger Mugford, the renowned animal psychologist (The Company of Animals) has developed a unique tailor-made dog training app.
Prevention - Puppies become familiar with a number of critical noises in the early stages of their development, within their home environment. The aim is "immunisation".
Therapy - When a dog’s fear of a specific noise is already established, it is possible to reduce or even eliminate phobias with the proven method of operant deconditioning and desensitisation.
Treatment and prevention training units and the sounds for nine of the most common phobias are offered in the free basic version of the app: thunderstorms, fireworks, helicopters, trucks, gunfire, a lawn mower, siren, vacuum cleaner and trains.
* More sounds, as well as a variety of specific training units are available in the app.
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