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You suffer from fear of flying, existential fears, stage fear or other specific fears ? And you wish to get rid of these fears ? Then this App is yours! By means of this app and the MET-tapping therapy described here, you can solve these fears on your own, instantly and lasting. With the MET-app you will learn the Meridian-Energy-Techniques (MET) whereby fears and other negative feelings and thoughts can be dissolved in a moment and permanently by tapping certain acupuncture points with your fingertips.You will be instructed by videos, images and text on how you can apply this tapping technique every day. Furthermore, we introduce two exercises for increasing and harmonizing your energy level.
In addition, this app supplies background information concerning the history and mode of operation of the MET-tapping technique which has its roots in the TFT-Callahan Techniques. The efficiency of related tapping techniques has been proved by scientific studies.
This MET-app reflects the experience of many years of Rainer Franke and Regina Franke as MET-therapists and MET-Coaches. In the last 14 years they experienced the efficacy of their tapping therapy on thousands of people. In order to work successfully with the MET-tapping technique you neither have to believe in something, nor do you need any auxiliary means except your hands, also you don’t need any medical or theoretical background knowledge.The MET-tapping-technique may not substitute medical diagnosis or therapy, but can support or complete it in a reasonable way.
Since 2002, we have introduced our MET-Tapping-Therapy by more than 500 seminars with more than 14.000 participants. We wrote six books in German. The book „Klopfen Sie sich frei“ was just published in Chinese, the book „Sorgenfrei in Minuten“ was also published in Lithuanian, czech and Spanish and will soon be published in Czech and Romanian. In 2010 we developed an Universal App for iPhone and iPad in German, English and Spanish about how to treat various anxieties. This app is an ideal course instructor showing you how to solve flight fear, stage fear, existential fears and several other fears. Rainer demonstrated the efficiency of the MET-Method in more than 20 German TV-Shows. You can learn the basics of MET in simply one day to apply in your daily routine.
We will appreciate any proposals in order to ameliorate this MET-app. These you can forward via our website (in English).MET can also be applied on anxieties, sorrows, fear, stress, exhaustion, anger, rage, hate, sadness, grief, desperation, feelings of guilt or shame, resignation, despair, frustration and other negative feelings as well as an addictive craving (chocolate, nicotine etc.). For these themes, further apps will follow.
MET can be regarded as a psychological version of acupuncture without the use of needles. Clients tune in to their emotional topics and during that period certain meridian points are tapped with the tip of a finger. The result is, that a harmonising effect on the meriadians sets in.
Extraordinary about this technique is that everybody can learn it and then treat themselves (i.e. for anger, rage, aggresion, desperation, jealousy, stress, etc.).And: the results are permanent it works for nearly all emotional afflictions it eliminates addictive cravings (i.e. nicotine, coffee, sweets etc.)
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