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Developer: Organizy Pro Shopping List App" aria-hidden="true" tabindex="-1
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Current version: 1.0, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 16 Feb 2024
App size: 443 Kb
4.2 ( 3632 ratings )
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> 2.2k
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Grocery-Tracker ProKey is utilized in combination with Grocery-Tracker to unlock many additional features.IMPORTANT!*** DO NOT UNINSTALL Grocery-Tracker.*** This is an "Unlock Key" (License) key only and requires the continued use of Grocery-Tracker.*** You must be running version 53_95 or newer to utilize this program. This is only a license to unlock additional features in Grocery-Tracker. You do not ever need to actually run the ProKey app.
Grocery-Tracker checks to see if GT ProKey is installed and unlocks itself if found.
Please, only install GT ProKey if: * You already have and use Grocery-Tracker. * You want to contribute to the continued development of Grocery-Tracker * You want to utilize some of the Pro features unlocked
Just some of the Pro features this key unlocks:
* Support for up to 18 different stores!* Virtually unlimited screen color combinations.* Color coded Categories.* Color coded Store prices.* Active list sharing.* Shopping Cards.* Automatic backups.* Individual Aisles per product for each shopping list.* Unit Cost Pricing.* Wish List Items.* Postpone Items.* Locations - now keep inventory to completely different locations.* Menus - swap days.* Menus - swap meals.* Recipes: Include recipes within another. Great for adding sauces to a meal. Resize complete recipe Community Recipes: Share your recipes with the GT community. Share your favorite recipes. View others recipes. Filters: Cooking Method Source Date Added Specific Ingredients Has Ingredient Has Product in ingredients Has Ingredient and is in Inventory Store nutrition information for all your recipes.* Over 30 additional user settings.*
And more!
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