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Developer: GamesArcade
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Current version: 1.5, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 20 Jan 2024
App size: 34 Mb
4.4 ( 1584 ratings )
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Feel like a blocky man awakening on strange cube island, don’t remember who you are and how you got there! Where your home is? Escape from this strange island and get home with Cube Island Survival Simulator in 3D!Explore the vast blocky island and enjoy picturesque views of cube ocean, forests and mountains being stranded on this mysterious island full of secrets! Your main goal is to get home alive! Try to remember who you are playing this survival simulator. Complete different missions, find blocky survival tools which could help you to escape from this cube island! Salvage all the blocky tools and weapons that may help you to explore mysterious cube island! Use all your survival skills to stay alive playing this simulator, avoid battling against blocky island predators and discover the secrets of this mysterious place! Hunt for wild animal, but be careful! Blocky predators may hunt you instead! Hunt or be hunted to get off this cube island alive! Swim the ocean, walk around enjoying amazing blocky landscapes and try to remember who you are! Check Cube Island Survival Simulator – great 3D game for all ages!
Survive in this lost cube island full of secrets and dangers! Mind your blocky man indicators - health, energy and hunger. Never let it drops – you need to survive to escape from this cube prison! Various survival tools such as cube axe or blocky fish rod would help you to stay alive! Hunt, start fishing or looking for plant food to find a meal for your blocky man to survive! Find treasures, cube weapons and special tools exploring this mysterious blocky island! All of the things around may help you to get home! Try to enjoy your time on blocky island with Cube Island Survival Simulator in 3D! Get survival skills that would help you to stay alive on this mysterious blocky island!Control blocky man with joystick, explore the island, hunt, fish and search for food! Swim in the picturesque cube ocean to find treasures, which would help you to survive! However, be careful! Peaceful blocky ocean might be full of predators ready to attack you! Find weapons to protect yourself from wild cube island’s predators or even battle against them! Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive at all cost with Cube Island Survival Simulator in 3D!
Find cube survival tools such as weapons, axe, fish rod, exploring this blocky island, and be ready for great survival adventure! Use your hunting, fishing and survival skill spending time on a cube island! Train a blocky man to hunt for wild cube predators, swim the ocean and explore everything around! Get home safe (and of course alive) with Cube Island Survival Simulator game!
Cube Island Survival Simulator features:
- Find blocky survival tools – hunt wild predators with an axe or go fishing using a cube fish rod- Health, energy and fullness indicators for your blocky survivor- Cube vast island with picturesque ocean, forests and mountains to explore- Swim, hunt, battle and explore - do anything you want to stay alive- Great survival simulator in 3D
Spend time in a mysterious place with Cube Island Survival Simulator in 3D! Upgrade your hunting, fishing, battling and exploring skill with this simulator and finally get home from this cube nightmare! Discover all secret places to find useful Items, treasures or even cube teleports, which could help you to escape! Thrive in this hostile environment – cube survival island, being a lost blocky man!
Find your way back home with Cube Island Survival Simulator in 3D!
What's new:
- New crafting system - craft weapons, tools or quarry resourse- Ability to build shelters- Optimized controls
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