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First release : 09 Sep 2024
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Download a new puzzle in the style of Gothic!Test your brain with an amazing puzzle game. Can you guess how to connect the dots to get the figure? Think through a few moves in advance. You have to connect all the lines without repeating.  Puzzle connect the dots is made in an unusual style, colorful, and also has more than 100 levels!The rules are simple, but actually it is not so easy as it seems. The game requires serious thinking to solve. This is ideal if you want to train your brain. Connects the dots in a certain sequence, draw different figures, sozdavay.Zapomni drawing, connecting elements in order to play it. Do it correctly for a certain time to get maximum points. With this free game you can improve memory, develop concentration skills and logical thinking. Throw challenge your friends with this puzzle you will not be equal! Each level can be played an infinite number of times, it allows you to improve your score to the maximum. We created this game in an unusual style of puzzles. Instead of the usual bright colors we used the mysterious dark tones, which gives a grim situation. Also, instead of points, we used the skull. The result was pretty good style, which is sure you will enjoy. And surprise your friends when they see this game with you. Maybe you do not get to connect lines correctly the first time and not be able to build the shape of the points, but in this it is of interest, because poraskinut have brains to go further.
• Unmatched graphics• More than 100 levels• Clear management• Free game• Saving the best results• Unusual interface• Unusual geometric shapes• Excellent sound• Beautiful animation• Colorful design in the style of Gothic
How to play:It's simple. Move the line with his finger so as to connect the dots. Each line can be used only once, but every point can be used repeatedly. The victory comes when all the lines are connected.
In order to connect the dots and build of these figures, no need to hurry. To calculate their moves early in the game.
If you happened to some problems with the game, please contact us and we will eliminate all problems as quickly as possible.
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