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Developer: Albert Matic
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Current version: 1.9, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 16 Dec 2023
App size: 255 Kb
4.0 ( 1120 ratings )
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Installed on the same device than "FLY is FUN", "FLY is FUN unlocker" remove the timing limitation, that force "FLY is FUN" to stop.As soon "FLY is FUN unlocker" is installed, "FLY is FUN" become a complete version without developer build-in restrictions.FLY is FUN is a moving map for aviation and pilots that provides ILS and GPS approach, VOR, NDB, DME, Marker beacons, RNAV navigation and Marker beacons warnings, without ILS/VOR/NDB/RNAV equipment on board.FLY is FUN is completely autonomous. FLY is FUN allows:- to display route, bearing, trace on a moving map;- to visualize airspace, on the map and within a vertical cut;- to get dynamic terrain map (colors depend of height above ground level), obstacles and ground proximity warning;- to create, modify, import, share, export routes (Garmin .gpx or Google Earth .kml) creating and modifying routes is easy, using the map point and click and drag and drop, or using the database;- to create its own waypoints and field, to import them from Google Earth, gpx or via txt file;- to create its own airspace or to import them from Google Earth or Open air files;- to perform route planning, estimated distance time and fuel consumption (depending on wind and aircraft characteristics);- to calculate Sunset / Sunrise;- to get weather forecast along the route;- to get warnings, alarms and message before entering to the controlled or special use airspaces or specific points.
With FLY is FUN user is free to fully customized all main screens (4 portrait and 4 landscape screens) and to choose information he wish to display:- Altitude GPS or barometric, over see, over ground, correction;- Ground speed;- Bearing;- Vertical speed;- Distance to point , distance to destination;- Estimated time to next point, estimated time to destination;- Time since departure;- Stop watch;- …
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Latest version FLY is FUN unlocker: 1.9

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