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Become a better lead guitarist with Fretello Lead, the most efficient practice routine to learn guitar. Our unique concept can be adapted precisely to your skill level, musical goals, and timetable so you can make fast progress and achieve sustainable results.Fretello listens to you while you practice guitar via your smartphone’s microphone. It uses this information to create individualized practice routines, optimizes your practice speed, and explains to you how you can improve your skills efficiently, and achieve sustained success. Because Fretello documents everything while you practice guitar in detail, the app is able to measure your progress accurately and adjust your practice routines to your actual skill on a weekly basis. Learn guitar techniques, scales and licks, apply what you have learned over backing tracks, improve your endurance, enhance your expression on your guitar, and boost your creativity. Fretello makes it happen in only 20-30 minutes, three times a week!Fretello allows you to reach your full potentialFretello has been tested by guitar teachers with more than 200 guitarists for multiple years and is based on state-of-the-art musicological evidence.
Fretello helps you improve your guitar skills systematically, effectively, and fast. You will be able to take your guitar skills to a professional level and play guitar at the highest speeds.
Fretello listens to you as you play and recognizes any room for improvement. It provides you with feedback as well as useful hints on how to continuously develop your technique.
Moreover, Fretello teaches you how to apply everything you learn on the guitar in practice by providing you with backing tracks that you can use to improvise and apply your skills.
In addition, Fretello helps you understand what you are actually doing on your guitar. Instead of simply repeating melodies note for note, you learn how to get the hang of your guitar’s fretboard, how you can easily create your own melodies, and how you actually improvise with the help of backing tracks.
This is what Fretello offers to you• Personalized practice routines that fit your individual needs• More than 5000 exercises from the pentatonic scale for techniques such as alternate picking, legato, economy picking and double picking• More than 250 different backing tracks from pop, rock, blues, and heavy metal• Proven and unique methodology to train your fine motor skills and muscle memory• Basics in music theory that will help you to find your way on the fretboardFrequently Asked Questions
How many times a week should I practice guitar?In general, the more often you practice the better. To achieve good results you should at least practice 3 times a week for half an hour. Ideally, if you have enough time, you should practice on a daily basis.
How long do I have to practice each session?Within one session you practice 4 motifs for about 5 minutes each. If you don’t have enough time you can finish a session earlier. In general, you should prefer multiple shorter sessions per week over a few longer ones.
When do I see that I’m making progress?This actually depends on how frequently you practice. Generally, you will see that you are making progress after the first two weeks. Your fine motor skills will improve and you will be able to play practiced exercises faster.
Is Fretello suitable for me to learn guitar?Because Fretello adapts practice routines to your individual needs, Fretello is well-suited for beginners as well as for music students, professional guitar players, or guitar teachers who are looking for a way to improve their skills systematically.
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