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Developer: Fractal Games.
Price: 0 free
Current version: 1.0.0, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 02 Sep 2024
App size: 34 Mb
4.4 ( 1584 ratings )
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GRAPHZ: Dots and Lines Puzzles - the most challenging new puzzle dots game on the store!A great pack of SIX brain games with 480 puzzling brain teasers to train your logic - ALL FREE!Welcome to the best puzzle land you’ve ever been to!As your hosts we make sure you have endless fun and the best brain training there is!We promise that if you play regularly, train your mind and become the best YOU WON’T HAVE TO SPEND A SINGLE DIME ON THIS GAME !
Here is what you will get : ★ A new kind of puzzle dots game with SIX DIFFERENT BRAIN GAMES in one app;★ ENDLESS FUN with 480 levels and more to come, that won’t let you rest until you solve them all;★ SUCCESS RATE counter for each game - the better you do, the more levels and puzzle games will be unlocked;★ STYLISH GRAPHICS and design paired with smooth animations and AIRY SOUNDTRACK to get you in mood to train your brain;★ Multiple REPLAYS and NO TIME LIMIT - play the puzzle dots game at your own pace with replayable levels and no time restrictions;
Download GRAPHZ: Dots and Lines Puzzles and get six brain games instead of just one. Let us tell you a bit about the brain-twisters:
• UNTANGLE Who doesn’t like a good untangle lines game? Uncross all lines by dragging the connecting dots so that no lines intersect. The solid points cannot be moved. The Untangle brain-teasers are solved when all lines and points become white.So, can you untangle all lines?!
• ALL PATHS Find all possible paths between two dots from the start dot to the end. You can’t repeat the already found paths as it will decrease your score. Test your logic in this brain exercise to unlock the next dots and lines games.
• LINE PATHS Besides the challenge you’ll find in Line Paths you’ll be swept away by the beautiful simplicity of these puzzling mind-boggles. The levels consist of dots and lines, you have to pass through all lines in one move without repeating any lines. Sounds easy enough, right? Or maybe not? Try it out for yourself!
• GRAPH COLOURS You won’t find a game like Graph Colors every day. It is quite simple at first glance but don’t let it fool you. This game is quite addictive and not as easy as it looks. All you need to do here is to give color to each dot so when two dots are connected they have different colors. The catch is that you have limited number of colors to choose from but still no timer.
• POINT PATHS It’s all about the points! You’ve heard it before, right? Well in Point Paths it’s just like that. Try to pass through all points in one move without visiting a point twice and solve the addictive puzzles one by one.
• SHORTEST PATH Math may not be for everyone but in the Shortest Path you will see it in a different way. With this lines game it could be fun and addictive. Not convinced yet? Just find the route between two connecting dots with the lowest possible sum from the start pinpoint to the end one. That’s it!
Now it’s time to challenge yourself and your friends! Find out who’s better and show off your skills!
Did we catch your attention? If so, you can always find more about Graphz: Dots Games and Lines Puzzles on social networks. Come for a chat or latest news about our work!We’ll be more than happy to hear from you!Have fun!
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