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Abs Workout Six pack Exercices app offers a complete program for men and women to get great abs and lose belly fat as fast as possible. Best abs exercises you can do at home, without any equipment. Muscle exercises and high intensity training: a perfect mix to get good results quickly.Our Abs Six Pack Workout app targeted training that alternates high intensity and muscular exercises to sculpt the abdomen and burn fat in the shortest time possible.You can also challenge yourself whit the 30 Day six pack workout, a daily bonus workout to measure your progress.• Do you want flat abdominal and better core ?• Do you want a flat tummy without Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck ?
Take up the 30 Day Ab Challenge with our app for FREE!
★ Abdominal Workout ★
✓ This app helps you to burn fat, get abs and keep your abdominal.✓ The app contains abs exercises everyone can do.✓ Perform exercises everyday to get 8 pack abdominal. You do a number of ab exercises each day, There are rest days to make sure you get proper recovery time.✓ Take up the Abdominal Workout Challenge with our app for FREE✓ Doing the workout will make you feel stronger, healthier, improve energy and control weight. ✓ You dont need any equipment for the workout.✓ Exercises benefits every part of the body.✓ Complete daily abdominal workout with log.After only a short time of abs workout for women or men, you will see an obvious and great difference on yourself: healthier, sexier, younger and more energetic.To get a sculpted abdomen you need to tone your muscles and at the same time remove the excess fat in the belly and waist. Much research points out now that a targeted program with specific exercises for the abdomen as well as for toning your muscles helps to burn fat faster.The high intensity abs workout guarantees good calorie consumption and at the same time speeds up the basic metabolic rate and improves the ability of glucose absorption. All this results in a more rapid weight loss and improvement of cardiovascular functions (therefore reduces the risk of heart disease).★ Features ★
✓ Free and Simple just practice to get Six Pack Abs✓ 3 Difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard)✓ Workout Log✓ 10+ Abdominal exercises✓ Set Reminder✓ Daily reminder alarm so that you never miss the challenge.✓ Animation showing how to do each exercise✓ The daily workout routine contains basic crunches, V crunches, bicycle crunches, arm reaching crunches, flutter kicks, leg raises, leg-up crunches, alternate heel touches, vertical leg crunches and plank with leg lift.The workouts proposed raise the temperature of the area in a localized manner, in this way the increased inflow of blood promotes the stimulation of catecholamines which increase the use of localized fat on the abdomen, with a consequent increase in lean body mass at the expense of the fat.Our Abs Workout Challenge is a simple 30 day workout plan. You do a number of ab exercises each day. There are rest days to make sure you get proper recovery time. The intensity of the exercises increase slowly and by the end of this 30 day ab workout plan, you will definitely have better abs. This routine is suitable for both men and women.★ Just install this app and follow the routine daily if you dont train this is the perfect app for you. Get 8 abdominal muscles with this fitness app. Dont cheat! Its as simple as that. Do it everyday to get fast results.
★ Do not hesitate to download Abdominal Workout and THANK YOU to everyone who has use it.
We cant promise that you will lose weight after doing our workouts or that youll have a perfect abdomen, sculptured glues or pectorals of steel....
Never trust anyone guarantees results from workout, since no one can guarantee them except you; the basic elements for the success of any training program are: willpower and perseverance.
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