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This is a multitouch synth instrument. Play it by touching and swiping the screen, changing the waveforms and sliding the effects to create anything from traditional sci-fi theremin sounds to deep scuzzy soundscapes. Use the looper controls to record, loop and overdub layers. Then if you wish to save or share your recording, hit the download button to send your wav file to other compatible apps like Messages, Email, Dropbox etc. The original Theremin went live in 2014 on the web at Over a million hits later and hundreds of requests for a record button, I have redesigned it. Now the Theremin is ready for you to experiment with.
Happy playing!
• Record, loop and overdub options.• Multitouch allows up to 8 tones to be played simultaneously with your fingers• 3 sliders: delay, feedback and scuzz• 4 waveforms: sine, square, triangle and saw• No internet needed, works both online and offline• Download the loop as a .wav file• Loops can be shared with other apps like Mail, Message and more.• Optimized for mobile, tablet and large screen
Gizmodo "Just mess around! Twiddle those faders! Swipe and click with reckless abandon! Turn the volume all the way up, give the dog a panic fit, and make your neighbours think the street's being invaded by giant cabbage people from planet Zok. Trust me, this will never get old.”
Dangerous Minds “New online theremin simulator kind of sounds cooler than the real thing. Check it out and annoy your co-workers.”
Mashable “Messing around with this virtual theremin is completely addicting”
To find out about my other musical app projects, please go to and share your loops with me on Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook: @femurdesign
For any queries and support contact me
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