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Current version: 1.0, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 25 Nov 2016
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One App to rule them all, one App to login to them...Aren't you tired of trying to remember all those login names, user names and passwords for e-mail accounts, library accounts, game accounts, coupon accounts, blogging accounts, forums, etc.? Then keep reading...
Extra Accounts is a login assistant that allows YOU to save the information YOU WANT on specific buttons in the App and then, at the push of a key, to INSTANTLY enter your user name and password.
This simple yet powerful feature will allow you login FAST and what's better, to switch FASTER between accounts when timing is crucial....
Long gone are the days of typos, mistakes, struggling with problems with big fingers and little buttons. No more issues remembering so much information or dealing with cumbersome passwords managers.
This App will be a life saver to you if you:
* Have many accounts in which a username and password are required to login.* Have, like me, a poor memory or fat fingers! :)* Play many games in your cellphone,* Take care of other people’s accounts,* Have farming accounts in games requiring many resources....* Have to type the same paragraph over and over again, i.e, in forums or chat rooms as a moderator or administrator since YOU decide what information to store on each button!
Store WHATEVER YOU WANT on each button and don’t worry any longer about keying it in!
What else is fantastic about this App? That we DON’T require ANY special permission other than using the information you just entered to help you log in. No information is sent to us Halyconian Geeks, therefore we would never be able sell it or distribute it in any fashion.ADVICE: While we have taken many measures to ensure that your information is stored safely, since it is in fact not sent out and is recorded in your device, if you lose this device, anybody will be able to read not only this information but everything else you have in it; so please MAKE SURE you have a strong password to access your device. Halyconian Geeks (or any representative of such entity in any form) shall not be held liable in the event your device or this App is hacked. You as the user, are solely responsible for the security of your device.
Enjoying the power of Extra Accounts...
After installing Extra Accounts, you will need to tell Android that there is a new keyboard you would like to use:
1) Go to settings and choose Input and Languages. Click “Default”.2) Click “Add Keyboard” and select “Extra Accounts”. Go back.3) Click “Default” again and choose “Extra Accounts”.
Now you're playing with power... :)
Send us feedback, suggestions or complaints to [email protected]
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