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Engine1 is meant to empower Type 1 diabetics to lead an active lifestyle. It is the first ever real-time decision support system for Type 1s and is almost like having a personal diabetes coach! The Engine1 mobile and web apps are designed to give handy guidance, tips and info surrounding activity. Make activity-related decisions in real-time with ease. Be guided on good times to start exercise, quantity of food to be eaten during an activity session and the right intensity of exercise to maintain optimal blood glucose levels. Go prepared to your activity carrying along the re-fueling food that may be needed!With easy ways to log and track your food, insulin, blood glucose and activity, Engine1 takes the guesswork out of how different factors can impact your blood glucose outcomes due to activity. When used over a period of time, Engine1 will help you identify what works best for your unique physiology and condition. Engine1 can also read data from the Health app on your iPhone to bring in information such as blood glucose records, sleep, heart rate, distance covered and steps to give you more relevant visuals and information.Once you sign up on the mobile app, you can also login to the Engine1 web app for deeper analysis, making it easy to spot trends associated with activity. Invite your family member or doctor to play Caretaker for you. Caretakers will be able to view your activity feed and charts on the web app and can provide you with helpful insights and observations. You can also choose to ‘live-share’ an activity for someone to monitor your exercise in real-time. This provides the recipient with live updates on alerts and events happening in the app during your activity. WHAT PROBLEMS DOES ENGINE1 SOLVE?If any of these lines sound like you, Engine1 is the app you need!I wish...• I could predict in what direction my BG is headed!• I could exercise without the fear of going low or high• I knew how much to eat before, during and after an activity• I knew if it's a good time to start an activity now or later based on my insulin and food levels• I knew how to better plan my insulin doses and timings• I didn't have to eat so much to prevent going low during my activity.• I wish I knew for which activities my blood sugar performs best versus worst. • There was more timely information when I am doing my activity so I can better manage my BG• I had an app that helps one do activity while also considering the Type1 conditionENGINE1 PRO vs. ENGINE1 BASIC
On sign-up, you get a 7 day FREE TRIAL of all Engine1 Pro (premium) features. To upgrade after the trial expires, a simple in-app purchase can be made to opt for a 3 month, 6 month, 1 year or lifetime subscription of the Engine1 Pro plan.ENGINE1 PRO FEATURES*Blood Sugar Directionality – With Engine1 GlucoNavigator, see how your BG will fare up to six hours in the future. Know whether it is likely to rise, reduce, or remain constant.*Engine1 TrendTracker - See charts and visuals that depict variation in important and influencing factors - be it food and its impacting grams, insulin or the IC ratio.*Carbohydrate Recommendations - Be guided in real-time, on how much you should eat before, during and after an activity based on your insulin levels.*Advanced Settings – Fine tune how the app behaves based on your unique physiology. Find out what works best for you and what keeps you comfortable.*Web app - A web based portal for you to access valuable features such as advanced charting and a rich activity feed that helps you analyze your patterns by captured and aggregated data.We are excited to bring you Engine1 and would love to have you join the Engine1 community. We are continuously looking to enhance the app and look forward to your support and feedback towards the cause of enabling Type 1 diabetics lead an active lifestyle. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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