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¿Are you at your ideal weight? MasterDiet is an application that will help you achieve your ideal weight. Our goal is to guide, direct and motivate a person to follow a diet and exercise program to reach their desired target weight within a predefined period of time.MASTERDIET includes a set of functions relate to diet, exercise and calorie control. It has everything you need to control your weight, lose weight, reach your ideal, save yout weight measures and create your own diets and exercise programs.
It is grouped into the following functions:
- Ideal weight.
With this option you'll know what your ideal weight is and know what your weight range is (underweight, normal, overweight, obese). As well as:
* Body Mass Index (BMI)* Percent Body Fat* Daily energy needs
- Weight control.
Here you can savd your weight whenever you want, you can also see the evolution of your weight by graphs, as a daily body weight.
- Management of diets.
You can create and customize your own diets, food and calories as manage your own system. Establishing dailly calories by the total amount of calories of all foods / meals created. Recipes for weight loss, weight maintenance, or increase it.
- Management programs.
You can create and customize your own activities and exercises to burn calories.Establishing daily calories by the total amount of calories of all exercises. Exercises to burn fat, reduce waist, lose belly, you can create as many as you want.
- Mentor.
If you have questions you can contact an expert.
- Social.
You can access the pages of Facebook, Google+, Twitter for news and share experiences, diets and programs. Contact with people who pursue the same goals, accomplishments, recipes ...: Support and Motivation
- Calorie Control.
It will allow you to control, according to your current diet and exercise program, intake and daily burn calories. Also you will see the evolution of calorie control by a graph. Controlling a compliance order to achieve an objective.
- Management objectives.
You can mark you objectives, both to lose weight, gain weight and at a given time. Also you know how many calories a day should eat to reach your target weight.
- Settings.
You can change the theme of the application (green, pink and blue), change the language (Italian Spanish and English), manage measurement units and date formats.
Configuration Tools:
Change the subject of the application (green, pink and blue)* Change the language (Italian Spanish and English)* Manage units of weight (kg / lbs)* Manage units of length (centimeters / feet)* Format of dates. (US / International)* Help button in each window of the application. (User Interface)* Mentor
Main features:
* Calculation Ideal Weight for age, height, sex and build.* BMI (Body Mass Index)* Body Fat Percentage* Required daily kilocalories* Kilocalories calculator, calorie counter* Graphics where the evolution of the weight shown* Create totally customized diets* Create totally customized exercise programs* Database food / meals / Exercises* Compliance Management objectives (Graphics)* Creating goals* Overall Progress completed* Community (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)* Etc.
From "Ideal weight - MasterDiet" We want to slowly build an application that meets the needs of all, useful, usable, and accessible.
Because health is the greatest motivation. We offer the most complete application possible, because then everything is easier.
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