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First release : 02 Sep 2024
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Main reason for procrastination is that large tasks appear overwhelming. It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time who advance in this world.Set three most important task for the day and only focus all your energy to complete these three task first and as soon as possible. Once these three are done, set another three. We have kept it real simple for you.We have a task pipeline for you where you can add up to 20 task.
Most of the To-do apps in the market are way too complex to use. Our app is different and simple.
★ Daily Task 123 doesn't require unnecessary permissions. We do not store your task/goals details on our server. It's 100% private only to you as it remains only on your phone.
• Why to focus only 3 tasks at a time?
Today's competitive world has many challenges. We have much more to achieve in 24 hours’ time. We always have many open items and sometimes we don't know where to start! As per research done in few universities in United States, if we can limit our focus on three items in a day, then we can achieve a lot more in that day. This has been the guiding principle behind our app. If you are a person who needs to list down everything and get overwhelmed by it and do nothing then this is the app which will solve all your troubles and get you going. By working on only 3 task, we can have much better concentration which helps us tremendously in long term. Task manager is best.
Daily Task 123 is simple task list for day today use. No matter who you are either a student, working professional or anyone you will be better organized.Planning and organizing various task is made easier now with the help of Task123 app. So that you can plan other events such as Birthday, Wedding, Holiday etc.
★ Do you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do, or do you find yourself missing deadlines? Or do you sometimes just forget to do something important, so that people have to chase you to get work done?If yes, then the app Daily Task 123 is for you!
The features of Task 123 are as follow:▸ Task manager helps you achieve your goals.▸ Daily task app allows you to set multiple tasks for yours to do list. ▸ Focus only on top 3 task and get them done.▸ All these tasks will appear in today's list. You can act on any of the task accordingly.▸ 30-days task history. Look how you performed in the past and learn from it.
Plan ahead and never miss another deadline. Use task pipeline to list all you pending task.
Daily checklist is your daily planner allowing you to plan your day in advance so that you can keep track of your important deadlines and plan your activities accordingly.At work, at home and in your free time - you can now focus on things which are really important using simple checklist.
★ Task Sharing:You can easily share your task list with others via Skype, text message, Whats App, email and many more. This allows you to make sure that everyone is on the same page.
★ 30-day Task History: You can view past 30 day's history for all the task showing which completed tasks are and incomplete tasks.You can also check the time duration required to complete a particular task in case the task is completed.Set any of the task in history as today's task and thus you can enjoy recurring task feature in the app.
★ Notifications Alerts: Set notifications alert for the task that are yet to be completed so that you never miss a deadline for any of the pending task.
Manage your tasks from anywhere - even offline No internet access required! - You can set your desired task anywhere, anytime at any place and start working on it.
This app works offline – You can view task set up for today anywhere, anytime at any place and make changes accordingly.
Daily Task is a powerful yet simple to use and convenient app.
★ Daily Task 123 is free to use. Try it now!
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