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Science Tools contains an extensive set of science calculators, converters, data reference systems, science glossaries and a science topics system. Designed for ease of operation, the application is highly useful for science students and science professionals.Over 300 calculators are contained in the application, including a scientific calculator, expression line calculator, matrix calculator, complex number calculator, maths calculators, statistics calculators, vector calculators and shape calculators.
There are over 200 calculators for science equations grouped under force, linear motion, angular motion, gases, light, energy, waves, electrical and chemistry. Most of the equation calculators can solve for any variable in the equation.
The application contains one of the most extensive measurement converters available.
Over 150 data reference tables are included for chemistry, physics, biology, medical science and maths. The application can be used to quickly find the values of over 100 constants, or quickly find the molecular formula and molar mass of over 400 compounds.
The application contains an extensive list of over 500 formulas for science and maths. Over 300 science and maths symbols are included, and the system contains over 200 balanced chemical equations. It contains interactive periodic tables and lists planet data, measuring devices, fields of science, element properties, compound nomenclature, electrode potentials, latent heats, steam tables, logic operations, frequencies, electron configuration, quantum numbers, radiation types, specific heats, forms of energy, biomes, ecological groups, material cycles, cell structures and anatomical terms as well as many other reference tables and sources of data.
A topics system describes topics in chemistry and physics and is well suited for most courses in these subjects, with the ability to summarize any piece of information and quickly carry out self testing. The topics system has a section to learn note taking and study skills.
The application also contains an extensive self-testing section to quickly test for terms in general science, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and medical science.
The application is stand alone and does not require connection to the internet.
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