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The Normal Distribution Curve Calculator is based on the Normal/Gaussian curve, like many neuropsychological (and other standardized) instruments.Many neuropsychological tests convert to and from normal curves with different means and standard deviations. NormDist makes the appropriate conversions to allow quick comparisons between the results of the various tests.
Signal detection theory also relies on two normal curves, and offers several computations based on the different characteristics of the two.
Please note this is a work in progress - there are several features that will be added to the application in the coming months including:- Custom scales: Add your own quantitative and qualitative scales- Test definitions: Define the tests that you would like to store, and track responses accordingly- Test log: Keep track of a participant's results in a database that you can email to yourself.
Please let us know about any bugs you may find, or any enhancement requests at [email protected]
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