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MobileLoan Calculator allows you to calculate and manage any loan, including unscheduled repayments, and exchange data with other programs via CSV import/export. The calculator provides a quick overview of the overall cost, the repayment to interest ratio, the impact of inflation on the total debt, as well as a payment plan covering the complete term of the loan. No matter whether you want to finance a car or a house, MobileLoan Calculator will let you evaluate offers or manage existing loans. Try it for yourself!Declaration of independency:
we are not dependent on any sponsors, included but not limited to banks, credit institutions or other financial service providers. We do not send any of the calculations or any other data to anybody, give e-mail addresses to anybody away, send unsolicited messages.
* Loan Amount: if you know how much money you need, or if you want to evaluate the target loan amount you can afford.* Nominal interest: what interest rate is the basis for the finance plan? How much more would be affordable?* Annuity/Payment: how much must you pay for this loan depending on the type of payment? Can you afford it?* Term: how long will you repay this loan under the given conditions?* Residual debt: how much will you still owe by the end of the finance plan?
Calculate by using:
* Payment method: semi-monthly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, tri-annually, semi-annually and yearly.* Interest method: US (nominal interest rate = relative periodic interest calculation) or ICMA (effective interest rate = compounded periodic interest calculation)* A grace period (period without repayments)* Unscheduled repayments: unlimited, non-recurring and/or recurring, constant or relative to loan values.* Costs: unlimited, non-recurring and/or recurring, including points or account fees, constant or relative to loan values.
The clean layout provides an at-a-glance assessment of the economic viability of a loan, helps compare it with alternatives, and allows for easy data entry and management of loan characteristics.
History: automatically saves all calculations (customize the number of steps to save). All values are only a click away and instantly reusable.
Favorites: unlimited number of predefined calculations for later review and/or edits.
Once the calculation is successfully completed, you obtain a finance plan with the complete progression, the effective interest rate, the sum of all payments, plus some additional information, including the amount of residual debt after half of the agreed term, the amount of time left until half the loan is payed back, as well as a graphical view. The impact of inflation on the debt can be simulated.
MobileLoan Calculator features PDF and CSV export (with customizable delimiters) via e-mail as well as printing the loan data and payment plan on compatible printers.
MobileLoan Calculator was designed based upon recognized financial mathematical rules, and calculates fast and reliably.
We value your feedback! It can influence the direction of further development as well as the priority given to each feature.
Note: all results without warranty! No guarantee is given in any way; no warranty for failed or erroneous business transactions. Our years of experience have shown that banks do not always calculate 100% correctly from a mathematical standpoint, although they are right from a commercial standpoint.
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