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First release : 05 May 2016
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Race the dawn through the mysterious gate towers of Tudor London. The bittersweet cast of characters and smoky soundscape bridge 500 years, making City Run London a deeply immersive time travel adventure in a graphic novel style world.City of London 1545Exhausted by demanding wives and civil unrest, the King has a web of spies across the capital on the watch for opposition. Set in an era as famous for its majesty as its horror, witness a citizen arrested for speaking his mind - then save him from the executioner at dawn.
The adventure takes players up onto the city wall to run round a re-imagined London playing through themed gate-towers each with new characters, increasingly complex mechanisms for escape and ever more awe-inspiring settings.
Players guide Willa through the game. She’s known to the authorities as The Moth for her night work and hiding, but there’s a price on her head so TRUST NO-ONE and keep her out of sight to win. She is unarmed.
GAME PLAYThis single finger game focuses on a combination of puzzle solving and illuminations. Willa is safe until she is seen. The principle gameplay involves avoiding the lines of sight of opposing characters and being seen results in dismissal to the last checkpoint. Success involves avoiding those danger zone lights, so survey each set and time your movements to run when the coast is clear. There are also traps and puzzles to solve along the way.
MAIN GAME FEATURES• 47+ locations to explore• Soundtrack fusing voice, choir + instrumental music. Headphones recommended• Fully animated and voiced story-telling• 30+ hand-drawn and animated cut
LANGUAGESSpoken in English, subtitles in Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian.
MORE PLAYThis demo version is designed to give you a sense of the whole game by giving you a handful of the levels to explore. 8 levels here, 39 more in the main game. You can get the whole game ($0.99) by visiting
DEV TEAMCity Quests Media is a writer/art/sound team who have worked with the widest range of talent from Audio Slave to Pink Floyd, Monty Python to Steven Spielberg with sound arranged by award-winning composer Martyn Ware (who is burdened the responsibility for selling 50+ million albums worldwide). We partnered with developer Sine Wave Entertainment to make City Run London, our debut game. There are many more adventures in history waiting in the wings for you.
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