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Developer: BUG-Studio
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First release : 07 Dec 2024
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MainOraft - game in the genre of 2D-survival, where you have to collect resources, hunting, and create items that will help you survive in the wild wordl.• Survive!In MainOraft You have to survive in the wild world. Fend for themselves, build a house, to defend themselves from wild animals and much more.
• Build!Indulge in your game Architectural abilities. Build for refuge, which can place the chest, stove, bed and other items. How it will look like - it's up to you!
• Explore!To create special items, you may need precious minerals and metals. They can be found under the earth in dark caves. But be careful! Cave dwellers do not like strangers.
• Create!In MainOraft You can create a variety of items for you and your home, whether it is a variety of tools for resource extraction (shovels, axes, picks, swords, etc.), As well as various chests, doors, windows, furnace and so much more.
• Eat!The game has a scale of satiety protagonist. When committing various acts of satiety will decrease and you will have to eat to satisfy hunger. Cook the meat or eat it raw. Make mushroom soup or eat mushrooms just like that, but you can get poisoned. Be careful!
•Defend!The game features a dynamic change of the time of day. Night of the game is very dark and scary. Upon the occurrence of a dark time of day, wild animals will attack on you, and you have to defend themselves or to hide in his shelter. Do not forget to stock up torches at night.
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