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First release : 02 Sep 2024
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After researching a ton of workout tracking apps, we realized that most of them were either too complex or too cluttered. We wanted something simple, clean, to the point, and without features that could distract us from our actual workout. We wanted to easily track important things like Weights, Reps, Rest Time, both 1RM and %1RM. And we didn't want to spend more time logging our workout vs the workout itself!In addition to the basic workout data, we wanted to build powerful reports that can instantly tell us how we are doing. Are we doing the same thing over and over again? How much are we lifting? How often? So we created three dashboard reports that are INCLUDED in the app.Lastly, instead of having a "free-mium" app, we wanted one price and include all of the features that we've built. One price and you get it all!In our opinion, Ballerstrong is a simple and powerful workout tracking app that can help you reach your bodybuilding, weightlifting, and fitness goals. Designed with the user experience in mind, Ballerstrong allows you to easily log your exercises so that you can lift, log, and leave the gym as efficiently as possible.SETS and SUPERSETS* Different layout for a Standard Set (one exercise) and Superset (two or more exercises)* Superset layout can also be used to create Circuits for the ultimate gym training tracker* Combine Standard Sets with SupersetsDASHBOARD* Pie chart shows breakdown of total weight lifted by body part* Bar chart shows total weight lifted by date* Scatter chart shows weight lifted vs. reps. This is a Ballerstrong favorite as it ensures that you're not lifting the same weight at the same reps all the time. And it also shows how you can improve on either the weight you're lifting or the number of reps.* All three dashboard reports can be filtered by date (Today, Week, Month, or Year)* All three dashboard reports can show all exercises or be filtered by a specific exerciseONE REP MAX - 1RM and %1RM* Calculates and tracks 1RM for all exercises* Calculates your %1RM during your workout and displays a %1RM Color Bar as you log the weight and reps. It keeps your workout honest as you instantly know if you're lifting at 70% or 80% of your current 1RM.REST TIME* Rest Timer is activated and displayed after you finish a set and get ready for the next set* Rest Time is captured and recorded for every Set or Supersets or between different exercisesSPEED or SET DURATION* Speed Timer is activated as soon as you start a set* This can be used to measure Time-Under-Tension (TUT) or the pace of your Set, Superset, or CircuitHISTORY* Provides both summary and detailed views of exercises performed for the day, month, or year* Easily see how much weight you've lifted each month or for each workout* Easily see which exercises you've performed during the monthEXERCISES* Includes 100+ preloaded exercises* Provides ability to create your own custom exercisesROUTINES* Provides ability to create your own custom routinesCLOUD* Data is saved online so you can login and use a different phone to log your exercise
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