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Developer: Roue Game Studios
Price: 0 free
Current version: 3.0, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 02 Sep 2024
App size: 14 Mb
4.4 ( 64 ratings )
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Saving people - it's your calling!You find yourself in a brutal world, where innocent people were hanged on the gallows. The only chance to save them - it cut the rope. To do this, you have a bow and arrow. People hope only on you and your skills to shoot a bow. You are the only chance for them. So that you should not hesitate, go on a trip, take your bow and arrow to save the people.  Maybe not all are able to shoot as well as you, so we made the first few levels are very easy, so that the player could well be trained and learn to shoot a bow. Rules of the game at first glance quite simple, you need to save the people who were hanged on the gallows. Aim directly in the rope so as to cut it. Be careful, do not fall boom in person, or from his injuries he died. The time you have is limited, people can not hang long, so hurry. Sometimes you have to shoot over obstacles, through the revolving mill, through the flying birds. You will have an assistant - a little lamb, it will break down some barriers, but for this you have to scare her, shot from a bow. It's not just a game, but the game in the genre of puzzle where you have to not just shoot left and right, but also to think over his every shot, your arrows are not infinite, and when they run out, you lose. Aim more precisely, and everything will turn out. In the beginning, the game may seem brutal, because you see people weighing on the ropes, but do not be afraid, because you have to save them from certain death. Cartoon graphics and pleasant music will lift your mood.  There are over 50 levels, and not every level you will pass the first time, so this game will be enough to you for a long time. To pass some levels you have to calculate the trajectory of the falling arrow so that it hit the target. These skills have these arrows from a bow, and you will learn this too!
Features:- Realistic physics of the game- Nice graphics- Little lamb- Real bow and arrow- Teach you to shoot a bow- funny music- Free game- More than 50 levels
How to play:Tap the string on the screen of your phone, select the flight trajectory of the arrow and pull the string. The more you stretch it, the farther and faster arrow flight. Then aim for so that cut the rope over the heads of people weighing.
If you have any problems with the game, or the game just like you, do not forget to leave a review, it is very important your opinion any !;)
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