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Developer: Ievgenii Mykhalevskyi
Price: 0 free
Current version: 3.0, last update: 7 years ago
First release : 05 Sep 2024
App size: 14 Mb
4.4 ( 64 ratings )
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Aim directly at the rope on the gallows, save innocent zombies!An unusual game in its genre. Typically, you need to kill zombies, and now you have to save the zombies! Someone decided to make fun of them and hung them on the gallows. Helpless creature dangling on a rope and can not do anything about it. You need to get a bow on the rope on which weigh a zombie, so that it was broken and zombies could be free. Enough difficult arcade game. With each level the game is gaining its complexity. Shoot the target is becoming increasingly difficult, there are obstacles, walls, angry birds that catch your arrows. The only assistant in the game will be a sheep, if it will be taken, it will run and will break all the obstacles in its path. There's also a barrel of gunpowder, with the help of them you can blow up the wall.
The game develops your archer skills, teach you how to correctly calculate the distance to the target. Zombies themselves will not all the time hang on the gallows, after some time they start to die. Therefore, you have limited time, hurry up! If not you will go on the rope and on the zombies, then he will inflict extra damage, and this time the zombies will decrease, will have to save it in the first place. If you get into a zombie several times he immediately die and have to start all over again. The number of arrows is limited, too, if the boom runs out you will lose. Try to first take aim and then shoot.
Archer - Zombies on the gallows exciting game in which collected all of the best parts of the game excellent. Nice atmosphere, amusing characters, challenging levels, and of course the bow and arrow! The game draws from the very beginning and I want to pass level after level. The truth is not always going to be prepared to pass the level one try, do not have to spend a little time to understand how to save all the zombies in time. The main principle of the game to save all the victims in time.
Features:➢ Excellent cartoon graphics➢ The beautiful bow and arrow➢ Soft music➢ Excellent physics➢ A lot of interesting and challenging levels➢ Hangman and loop➢ Hung zombies➢ Free content
How to play:Touch the screen, pull the string, and aim for the rope. Save all before they suffocate.
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