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Learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with this fun, educational Bible-based app. God for Kids, for children & parents, has games & puzzles to discover God together or on your own.Is God old? How can God be Everywhere? How big is God? This app will spark your kids curiosity to know and love the most amazing person in the whole Universe - one Bible verse at a time.
1 - Who is God?2 - God is Invisible3 - God Feels4 - God Thinks5 - God Chooses6 - God is Good7 - God is Love8 - God is Big9 - God is Forever10 - God is Strong11 - God is Everywhere12 - God Knows Everything13 - God is Kind14 - God Keeps His Promises15 - God is Family16 - God is Generous17 - God Never Changes
Follow the map, solve the puzzles, listen to the Bible verse answer the questions then find your way through the maze or solve the dot-to-dot to collect your sticker prize!
Play alone or with a grown-up. Discover what God says about Himself. Find out what God's friends say about Him. Get to know God for yourself.
For Grown-ups:
Find Grown-Up tips on every screen. They will make the app more fun and help you answer their questions about God in a way they can understand.
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Maybe you will discover something new too!?!
For more info: www.Godforkidsapp.comLike our Facebook page for insights and perks us on Twitter @Godforkids
4 Fun Adventures
*Adventure 1: God is Real (7 stops on a desert map) Who is God?God is InvisibleGod FeelsGod ThinksGod ChoosesGod is GoodGod is Love
*Adventure 2: God is Big (10 star-stops on a space constellation)God is BigGod is ForeverGod is StrongGod is EverywhereGod Knows EverythingGod is KindGod is FairGod is FamilyGod is GenerousGod Never Changes
*Adventure 3: God is Jesus (10 stops on a garden treasure hunt)
(In Development: all sales of the Space Adventure go towards the costs of developing this Adventure)
*Adventure 4: God is Spirit (10 stops through an underwater world)
(In Development: all sales of the Space Adventure go towards the costs of developing this Adventure)
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