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CardioMood - a scientific approach to your heart rate variability.The best app for heart rate variability (HRV) analysis. It is designed for experts in HRV. We hope it will be a powerful tool in your research.
If you are still not familiar with heart rate variability – it's time to learn!
REQUIRES A HEART RATE SENSOR!!! Your phone must also support Bluetooth SMART.
There are 7 points why this is the best app in HRV:
1. We use standard, widely accepted algorithms.2. Our app was tested against certified ECG based HRV software.3. It shows a comprehensive report (with time and frequency domain parameters) and provides flexible measurement options.4. The app allows to export the data and report to a text file.5. Shows Stress level and HRV in real time.6. All your data is synchronised with the cloud.7. The website will allow you to do even more!
We also calculate 20*log RMSSD, which is a popular metric for HRV used in many apps, such as ithlete, SelfLoops, Bioforce HRV, Lepo and others. Just as in other apps we call it "HRV score".
The app will help you know estimate the effectiveness of your cardio workouts. When used wisely, it can reduce overtraining and maximize performance.
You can also check your stress level and estimate health of your heart.
Free CardioMood Account
In order to use the app, you will need to create a free CardioMood account. Don't be afraid, everything is kept a secret. If you don't trust the app, just use a fake name. :) However we might contact you via email if we find something abnormal in your heart rate.
Make sure you have this sensor. It can be for example Polar H7 HRM or Mio Alpha watch!
★ At the moment, the app will only work on Android 4.3 or higher and Bluetooth SMART heart rate sensors
If your device is not supported, please don't give us a bad rating. Contact us via [email protected]
Our heart is controlled by autonomic nervous system, so heart rhythm reflects its state. By analyzing beat-to-beat variability (also known as HRV), we can easily estimate the ratio of activities of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
★ Using CardioMood for stress estimation ★
Body reacts to stress by increasing sympathetic tone. Stress is often associated with higher heart rate and blood pressure as well as more regular rhythm (low variability). In contrast, a relaxed state is usually associated with high HRV.
If you're an athlete heart rate variability will allow to track your recovery, and changes in HRV will indicate development and adaptation of cardiovascular system to training. Use it to maximize performance.
Here is how you can evaluate your stress level:1. Wear your heart rate monitor (e.g. Polar H7) and relax (sit or lie down)2. Set the measurement limit to be 2 min.3. Establish connection with your heart rate monitor4. Click "Start recording"5. See your heart rate graph with average stress level after 2 minutes
If you see artefacts or ectopic beats, try to remove them or adjust heart rate monitor to ensure good connection and repeat the procedure.
We estimate stress level using standard algorithm developed by a soviet physiologist R.M.Bayevsky. Normal range for stress index is 40 – 150. Values above 150 is considered to be associated with stressed condition. Values below 40 are often associated with sleep (it is like that for example if you stay awake too long).
Even though there are standards for HRV, all estimated parameters and normal ranges can be individual. Only a trained physician can correctly interpret the recording, with respect to your individual features and medical history.
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