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Vehicle Ledger X is a simple and easy to use log and record keeping system for your car, truck,motorcycle, tractor, airplane or anything else that takes you from point A to point B. Log and Tracking for Maintenance, Repairs, Expenses, Fuel Mileage and a Trip Logger to track business and personal trips.
With only a few basic items per entry, you will be able to track your car expenses and repairs, plus you can easily search your vehicle’s history to find past repairs for things such as invoice numbers, mileage at the time of repair and any notes you might have kept.
The Income section allows you to track income, such as deliveries, ride sharing etc.
The Fuel Log allows you to keep track fuel economy and the average cost you are paying at the pump.
The Trip Logger allows you to track business and personal miles, which is good if you drive for a living. There are several reports and charts to help you keep an eye on things.
The Locations section allows you to store information like address and contact info for future reference. Plus the Location reports section contains visual information to track where you are spending your money.
There is an included simple scheduler/planner, so you can schedule future repairs and recall past relevant notes as well.
There are many ways Vehicle Ledger X can be useful:
One example of usage could be a way to learn and teach basic budgeting for families who share vehicles.
Another example could be showing a potential buyer of your car or truck, the past service and maintenance records in an easy to understand format.
Features in THIS version:
Multiple vehicles supported Easy to use interface with minimal data input Search for past items easily and quickly Repairs Tracking (brakes, oil change, 90K service etc…) Expenses Tracking (car payments, gasoline, registration renewal, insurance etc…) Income - Track any income from use of your vehicle Fuel Logger - For tracking fuel economy Trip Logger - Track business and personal trips Location spending tracking Simple scheduler Repair, expense, fuel log and Trip Log reports Currently 29 charts and reports for a visual overview Easy backup and recovery to and from your SD card, plus email for off phone backup in case of device loss

Vehicle Ledger X is continuously being developed and new useful features will occasionally be available depending on demand and programming time.
We have spent many hours testing for errors and bugs in the code, to bring you the most trouble-free experience possible. But, there can always be problems that were never found in the testing process. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us and we can help you.
Thank you for your interest and we hope you find this tool to be helpful in life for many years to come.
Happy motoring…
Planned future updates:
- GPS location for automatic location input- Income Tracking- Integration with cloud application (Pro Version)- Individual user accounts (Pro Version)- Improved tablet layouts- More concise reports
- Crashes? Issues? Contact us if needed.- Got Questions? Contact us if needed.- Need more info? Refer to website!
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