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Don't have the time or the will power to workout? Then try 7 Minute Home Workouts: Quick routines with timed rest and exercise periods to ensure workouts take no more than 7 minutes.Feel you are a fitness novice? All workouts feature detailed instructions and clear 3D animations.
Get bored of the same routines? 12 sessions and 42 different exercises means enough variety for everyone.
Need motivating? EVERY exercise in EVERY session has a target to challenge you depending on your previous progress.
Do a complete workout in less than ten minutes. 7 minute complete workout in the comfort of your own home - or at the gym.
"This is an app for those people Who just don't have time to gym, but still wants to keep fit!"
Don't want to buy expensive fitness equipment? Or have them but now they are full of ash?
Gym cards collecting dust in your wallet?
Only takes you 7 minutes, you will see progress daily!!!
What's inside this app?- An Alarm clock. You will never forget to work out! No More Excuses!- Easy to Learn! Step-by-Step How-to Videos and simple descriptions to help you!- Voice prompts for each step, no need to even look at the iphone or iPad!- No Need for Timers!
TONS of Useful items provided just for you:* Free Calendar Tracker to track your activity.* You can customize how many cycles you want for every steps.
Training sessions are divided onto 6 groups:
Abs - routines to tone your stomach and core for a flat trim look
Fat Loss - full body programme to get a trim figure
Chest and Arms - exercises to target your upper body for a strong powerful look
Butt and Legs - helps create slender legs and a pert butt
Yoga - great for improved flexibility and peace of mind
Full Body WorkoutA slightly more intense variation of the Scientific High-intensity interval training 7 Minute Workout routine.
Upper Body WorkoutA no equipment required workout focused on upper body. If youíre not feeling the burn, youíre not doing it right. Remember a clickable dumbbell will be displayed if a weight can be incorporated.
Lower Body WorkoutAn intense workout geared towards the lower body. Push hard and feel the burn! Repeat as necessary.
Abs WorkoutA tough workout concentrated on the core muscles. If 1 circuit isnít enough, go ahead and try to repeat it!
Strength WorkoutA well rounded strengthening workout targeting the lower, upper, and core muscle groups. Form is the key, so focus on each muscle group as youíre working them.
Cardio WorkoutGet the heart rate up! Cardiovascular exercise increases blood flow to muscles, strengthens the heart and lungs, and improves overall health. This workout can be combined with any of the other workouts.
Random WorkoutA 7 minute workout with completely randomized exercises every time.
Classic (Scientific 7 Min Workout)High-intensity interval training program is a total body workout that uses body weight as resistance to develop strength by doing lower, upper, and core exercises while maintaining an increased heart rate. The 7 minute circuit can be repeated 2 - 3 times.
Warm-Up (pre-workout)It's always best to warm up before doing any workout. We perform our best and better avoid injury by loosening up our body, warming up our joints and muscles, and increasing our heart rate. Work some dynamic stretches in while warming up. Always remember to stretch after your workouts.
Create your own customized workouts. Feature is purchasable to help support us :)
Just some included exercises:- Jumping Jack- Wall Sit- Push-Up- Abdominal Crunch- Chair Step-Up- Squat- Chair Dip- Plank- High Knee Running In Place- Forward Lunge- Push-Up Rotation- Side Plank (left/right)- and many more exercises...
Now Spend one minute to download,and start resolving those New Year's Resolutions!
Download Today! Everything for FREE!
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