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Developer: Alado
Price: 0 free
Current version: C10.1, last update: 6 years ago
First release : 01 Sep 2023
App size: 48 Mb
4.8 ( 1648 ratings )
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***THE CHALLENGE HAS JUST BEGUN***The good ones never die. That is, the good assassins. They are hard to come by as anyone in the business of killing knows. Anymore these days the hired help is too sloppy. They get too excited, too eager. No patience anymore. Thats why we send our special "agents" to handle the dirty business of procuring fresh muscle to deal with the souls of all the realms who bargain their soul for our help... Bleeding, I kicked one attacker back to confront the newcomer. Darn ingrate new agents. Dont know how to execute a perfectly easy kill, and now I had to bail the lousy no-good operative out of the excrement in which hed buried himself. I pulled my gun out, shooting at the first man as blood sprayed through the air in a crimson mist, while at the same time I buried my fist into the stomach of the second one that lunged at me anew. I danced back lightly on the balls of my feet as I prepared to deliver my killing blow, methodically practiced to make the most satisfying end to the spiteful terrorists who plagued our lands. Without warning, a sharp and excruciating pain exploded through my being, originating from behind. My vision immediately blurred as perspiration beaded my forehead and upper lip. Body pulsing with a fiery, numbing pain, I struggled to lift my gun against this unexpected and unforeseen enemy, but another blast knocked the weapon clear from my hands. I turned my eyes toward the perpetrator only to see the agent Id been assigned to trail and assist smirking with the barrel of his gun aimed right at me. Darn double agent, how could I not have known? I thought right before I hit the ground.
As I died, I traveled down the bright tunnel of the afterlife. It was an odd sensation, this process of dying and crossing over, as if every thought and feeling was being thoroughly examined, and what was deemed unworthy was plucked clean from my memory. Suddenly the invasive sensation left me and everything went black. Thats when I heard it: "Greetings, Prisoner 11479. Your worthiness has been denied. Your sentence of service is beginning. Assigned location: Castle Garden Foarmal. Enemies: Blood Thirsty Titans. Succeed and you may pass through to the other side. Fail, and your service sentence will change to eternal servitude."
Game Levels: -Castle Garden Foarmal -Village Environment -Rustic Town
Game Features: -Run, jump, crouch -Simple touch screen controls -Intuitive user-friendly interface -Stunning environments -Melee and firearm weapon variety -Brutal combat -Health packs and ammo -Precision shooting -Entity map for aerial views of oncoming enemies
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