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First release : 19 Aug 2023
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The solitaire matching game mahjong is based on the Chinese board of the same name invented by the legendary Chinese philosopher Confucius. This Chinese board game was introduced to the Chinese mainland some 2,500 years ago. Today, this board game is available in the form of a mobile game that is played all over the world. The mahjong solitaire matching game comes in a variety of versions. One of the unique versions of this game is the candy mahjong game. As its name suggests, this is a game inspired by the original Chinese board game that has a candy house theme.Similar to all other Mahjong solitaire versions, this version features a set of tiles arranged in different layouts. The objective of the game is to match each and every tile with the aim of eliminating all of them. The tiles are stacked on top of each other, and thus, you have to match the top tiles to expose the tiles below. Once all the tiles have disappeared the game ends. The tiles are engraved with different symbols ranging from Chinese ideograms, round candy symbols, and winter themed symbols. In total, the game is divided into thirteen levels. These thirteen levels are categorized into four, Candy House, Marshmallow Island, Sweet Island and Chocolate Town.
The game is easy to play thanks to the controls located at the bottom of the phone screen. In addition, unlike other solitaire versions, the tiles in this version fit perfectly on the screen. Therefore, you do not have to scroll from side to side to tap on the tiles. However, like other versions, this version has a hint functionality. This functionality appears as a search icon at the bottom. By tapping on this icon the game will assist you to know which tiles are matching. In each board, you get eight hints, so you have to use them wisely.
Also, available is a refresh icon which you can use to refresh the mahjong tiles. In regards to the game's appearance, it has a beautiful candy themed background. This FREE mahjong game is easy to install and easy to play and will have you glued to your phone screen. Needless to say, each level is more complex than its preceding level. Also, it is not a must you start with the first layout, the Marshmallow Island, you can start with the Chocolate Town or the Sweet Island. Thus, you can experiment with the configuration of any of the four categories.
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