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Developer: Mobile Stream
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Current version: 1.0, last update: 6 years ago
First release : 11 Apr 2002
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4.2 ( 8352 ratings )
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PLEASE NOTE: „TS3 Remote“ is not the „TeamSpeak3“ voice communication app. The official open beta client is available free of charge for a limited time via our forums.-------
TS3 Remote connects to a running TeamSpeak 3 client on your PC and displays a list of all clients in your current channel, including who is currently talking, muted, away etc.
This application makes use of the clientquery plugin of the TeamSpeak client. It does not connect to a TeamSpeak server, instead it connects via WLAN to your PC, where the TeamSpeak client is running.
Requires TeamSpeak client 3.0.0
1) Setting up the TeamSpeak client* In your TeamSpeak client, open the Plugins dialog.* Ensure the ClientQuery plugin is enabled.* Open the ClientQuery settings dialog (double-click on the ClientQuery line or click the Settings button below)* Enable "Open telnet port for everyone"* Close the ClientQuery options dialog and reload the ClientQuery plugin ("Reload" from the ClientQuery contextmenu or just click "Reload all"). The Windows firewall might ask you if you want to allow connections. Allow them, else your Android phone cannot connect.
2) Setting up TS3 Remote on Android* Start TS3 Remote and enter the IP to your PC where the TeamSpeak client is running.* If you want to change the IP dialog later, select "Connect" in the menu.
You can see your IP using the "ipconfig" command in a DOS shell on Windows, or "ifconfig" in a Linux shell.For example ipconfig on Windows might tell:Ethernet-Adapter LAN-Verbindung:
Verbindungsspezifisches DNS-Suffix:IPv4-Adresse . . . : . . . :
Then you would enter "" into TS3 Remote. If the connection fails, either the IP was wrong, your firewall is blocking the connection, WLAN is disabled on your phone or the WLAN network cannot reach your PC.
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