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Self-Help usually means "Let me tell you why you're messed up." This is not that at all. Time For You uses an NVC (nonviolent communication) approach to help you find your peace and ease inside you—simply, quickly, and truly.Time For You is a simple, yet powerful tool for self-awareness, love and compassion. Every day we are faced with joys and challenges, our emotions can go from happy to sad, mad to glad in just seconds. Taking Time Out for Time In allows us to go from a reactive place to a responsive place in just minutes. To use this app start by noticing your thoughts, your worry or concern and be curious about how that stimulates feelings in you and then follow the prompts of the app to connect to your needs and notice how this allows you to have love and compassion for the part of you struggling. From this larger, more responsive place, see how you would like to proceed. It is that simple. A therapeutic app based on the different modalities I use often in my counseling and coaching sessions. The 2 main modalities I’ve combined are Nonviolent communication and Psychosynthesis. Nonviolent communication has a few basic principles: Every action is an attempt to meet a need, Human needs are universal, Feelings result from needs being met or unmet, and everyone’s needs matter equally. Psychosynthesis is a map of the human psyche, a holistic way to understand human development, the basic idea is that we are always trying to grow and evolve into more of our authentic selves. One basic principle is that we are made up of parts, and that we are more than our parts. Another is that we assume synthesis, or growth is always trying to happen. Life is constantly trying to push us past our own limited beliefs and outdated strategies into wholeness and happiness. Putting Nonviolent communication and parts work together became of tool for self-compassion and love. You don’t need to know anything about these modalities to use this app. The goal is simply to find a concise and simple path from a reactive part to a larger more responsive self.
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