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Developer: Sync.ME
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Current version: 2.0, last update: 6 years ago
First release : 15 Dec 2022
App size: 221 Kb
4.4 ( 6304 ratings )
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Now free - however, PrivateCall is discontinued, there will be no updates!Hide your caller-id? Private calls? Re-route calls? PrivateCalls provides a flexible solution to modify phone numbers on the fly by adding prefixes and suffixes. You decide if prefixes are added to all numbers, numbers in one or more of your contact groups or just to numbers, that are not stored in your contacts. This can be used to hide your caller-id, indicate private calls in a split-billing scenario or to re-route your calls, for example, when staying abroad.
Test before you buy! Download PrivateCalls Trial ( from Google play. It is fully functional, however, with limited lifetime.
For a more detailed description and some examples please visit my website. PrivateCalls uses operator-specific prefixes and works in many countries around the world. My website contains a list of provider specific codes to hide your caller-id for different operators in different countries. If your country or operator is not on the list, just ask your operator for the code and send me an email to put it on the list. The hiding of the caller-id is an operator-specific feature, and sadly, not all operators provide this.
Please note: PrivateCalls does nothing you could not dial manually - it is not the fault of my app, if it is not possible to hide the caller id in your country or with your phone operator. Hiding the caller-id most likely does not work in India, see homepage for details. Please do not give bad ratings for PrivateCalls if the feature is not available in your country! General rule: if you can not dial it manually (without my/any app) then it will not work with my/any app either!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, the links for both website and email are placed below. Please do not ask questions or report bugs in the ratings. I would deeply appreciate any ratings!
KEYWORDS: hide caller-id, hide phone number when calling, private calls, anonymous calls, anonymous number, privacy, prefix, prefixes, suffix, suffixes, change number, modify number, secret calls.
Why does PrivateCalls request permissions?
PrivateCalls request permissions to do things for you. The permissions and the actions performed with these permissions are described below:
PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS: You dial a number, PrivateCall modifies the number according to the rules you defined in the PrivateCalls settings and finally, your phone actually establishes the connection. Technically, this permission enables PrivateCalls to perform a phone call. Guarantee: There are no hidden modifications to your numbers. All modifications are described on this page and only the prefixes you specify are added to your numbers. PrivateCalls never makes any phone calls on its own, it just intercepts your calls and modifies your numbers as you command.
READ_CONTACTS: This permission is used to read the contact groups on your phone (for displaying the lists of contact groups in the settings menu) and to lookup the number you dialed in your phones contact list. Guarantee: Your contacts are never modified (it is a read-only permission). And your contacts are safe, they are neither processed in any way differing from the description on this page nor transmitted anywhere.
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Automatically start PrivateCalls when your phone starts.
READ_CALL_LOG/WRITE_CALL_LOG: Permission necessary to replace the modified number with the number originally dialed.
READ_PHONE_STATE: The call log is modified, after the current call has ended. Therefore, PrivateCalls needs to read the current phone state.
What versions of Android are supported?PrivateCalls is available with Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4.
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