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How to make a Play Doh elephant.Choose your bright colored play dough (or play doh).Make balls of different colors & sizes.Make his seat first by flattening a ball of play doh.Then, choose bright play dough to make his legs. Make them so that they are in a comfortable seated posture.Make a round-sided cuboid for his body. Use a parrot green or neon yellow color.Make his arms. Make them in a relaxed way.Shape the play- doh to look like an elephant head.Adjust the ears so they look like floppy elephant ears.Take a cocktail umbrella for his parasol.Homemade play dough is safe. Plus, its very easy to make. You can make play dough out of standard household items. This is inexpensive but fun activity for you and your child.Mix salt and flour in a plastic bowl.Add water and food coloring slowly until a smooth dough is formed.Knead the dough until the mixture isnt sticky anymore and becomes elastic.Roll dough out onto a flat surface evenly.Use cookie cutter to cut out shapes and have fun!
If mixture is too sticky, just add more flourIf you let the dough sit, the gluten will set and you will have a better consistency dough.The more you knead the dough, the tougher it getsAdd a hint of glitter as a sparkling fondant. You can also add sparkles and glitter for a prettier look.Dont add too much water because it gets too sticky.
WarningsEven though this mixture is non-toxic, dont have your child eat this freely. Uncooked dough can be hard for a child to digest.
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