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Developer: astudio
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Current version: 1.2.8, last update: 6 years ago
First release : 07 Oct 2023
App size: 4 Mb
4.4 ( 4304 ratings )
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Do you remember those duel cassette karaoke boxes, the big ones that came with a microphone that let you record yourself to your favorite songs? Well I've developed an app to give you that same experience right on your Android device! KaraokeStar Recorder lets you open any mp3 file on your SD card then sing along to your favorite songs and record your voice at the same time. You can also save the song to an MP3 if you would like to listen to it later or share it with friends. Practice your karaoke skills, record your voice and listen back to your performance, or just have some fun with friends and family.
Using This App: 1. Load your MP3 file. Name to the text field then it will add this to the saved file name.2. Practice Button will play the MP3 but will not record.3. Record Button will play the MP3 and record your voice through the device's mic. When the song ends an mp3 will be saved containing your voice mixed to the song in a folder called KaraokeStar/Saved MP3s. MP3 conversion can be slow on mobile devices so please be patient.4. Playback button will play the MP3 you just recorded.5. If the mic records too loud or too soft you can adjust the recording volume with the control slider and try again.6. You can listen to previous saved recordings from this app 7. TIP: Record in a quiet room with a pair of head phones on for best results.
ATTENTION: MP3 conversion with this app will be slow on mobile devices (you can't expect pc performance on a phone).
This app uses the Adobe AIR framework. The latest version of Adobe AIR is required to run this app.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.air
-Compatible with IK Multimedia iRig Microphonehttp://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigmiccast/index.php?pp=irig-mic-cast-aow-android
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