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If you have over indulged during festival or simply wants to shed few pounds then this App is perfect to detox your body system & to boost your digestive system, strengthen your immunity and re-energize. This is a very simple and maintainable program; the average weight loss is 10 to 12 pounds in 10 days.
A Pre-Post Festival Green Smoothies is a complete meal made up of a lot of vibrant colored fruit and a vegetable, bursting with flavor as well as nutrients, that’s easy to make, leaves you full and satisfied, and tastes great. Give your body a nutritional boost & Lead towards fitness-oriented lifestyle.
Green Smoothie Cleanse a great way to heal constipation naturally, internal cleanses, and it is one of the Quickest and most natural way having gorgeous skin, thick, lustrous hair, a slim body and boundless energy.
This App provides you with 100+ recipes for various health conditions, plus all other essential Info to make the diet simple and doable. The included chapters are:• Why Green Smoothie Cleanse?• Smoothies & Weight Loss • Steps to Make the Diet Simple & Maintainable • Delicious Weight Loss Green Smoothie Basics • How to Make A Big, High-Calorie Green Smoothie Meal for Weight Loss • Green Smoothie Cleanse Diet- Fitness-Oriented Lifestyle • Blending Tips • Quick & Short-Listed Shopping List • Smoothies for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails • Cleansing Smoothies • Detoxification Smoothies • Heart Healthy Smoothies • Immune Boosting Smoothies• Smoothies for Energy• Anti-Aging Smoothies • Kid-Friendly Smoothies • Constipation Relieving Smoothies• Stress Relieving Smoothies• Diabetes/ Blood Sugar Control Smoothies• Smoothies for Athletic Performance • Smoothies for Athletic Performance • Smoothies for Bones and Joints• Smoothies For Weight Loss & Fat Burning • Filling Ever Green Smoothies
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