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Super Hero Games to Guess the List of Superheroes Name by their Costumes, Avatar, Logos & Stuff. Make your own superhero and which superhero are you of this Superheroes list.There are super villains, super heroes, anime comic heroes, anime comic villains which one is which???
We all love super heroes. We grew up with them. Wanting to be them. Who does not remember to wear a costume of his favorite super-hero and trying hard to be like them. Wear a cape and we felt like we can fly like our favourite superstar. Wear a mask and we felt we are the avatar of our superman. Any of the girl superheroes logo tshirt were ours to buy. Even today we do like to buy every comic books or souvenir we can find. Least someone else might compete with us by showing off their cool superhero’s toys, action figures or gadget and superhero stuff. Any super-hero movies or games that might find a way to the market is ours to collect. Give or get the nickname of superhero’s names among friends and family. Just like our Avengers squad all our mates would form our own league to protect humanity and serve justice. Although all of this is hypothetical but every now and then our favourite animated anime comic heroes would find their way to our life to give us some joy and make our life adventurous and tell us that life is full of surprises. And tell us not to give up by their stories. But not everyone can do that, can they??? Because not everyone can even make the difference between the avengers who can fly or super hero who can run fast as flash.
So do you think you know their name or can you tell the name of superpower from that huge list of powerful characters?
So, how many great hero names do you think you know???Can you guess them all???
Test your trivia knowledge of comic, anime hero or villains with this amazing free quiz game of SuperHeroQuiz.Deduce or get their name from their poster or picture. It's a picture to word game for all the supers. Not like those 4 pic to one word game. 1 picture to one word is enough to guess the name. Don't you think???You can play it anywhere you want and it's free to play. Play with everyone and check you answer with everyone else's and beat them by letting them know "Who is the boss of super heroes???".Some are easy and some are hard to answer but during solving each puzzle you can always ask for help or "Use the coin to reveal the answer, If you want :) ".
# Hundreds of superstar to guess.# Lots of level with lots of puzzle to solve.# Get reward with each puzzle solve.# Name your superpower from their cool action figure poster/picture.# Get reward with each level solve.# Awesome sound effect and animation.# Simple and intuitive yet easy to understand game play.# Regular updates.# And it's fun to play :), try it now.
So, what are you waiting for download now and play this amazing game of Trivia quiz. Let your friends and family know about this game and test their knowledge of Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse super hero characters with yours and be part of this amazing journey of supers.
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