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Tips and Tricks Dream League Soccer 2016 a very high quality entry in the football simulation genre (or soccer if you live in the US), competing with big names like FIFA. Fast paced, with great graphics and a lot of depth, Dream League Soccer 2016 is a game that will surely keep you hooked for a long time, challenging you to advance through the leagues and become the best club in the world. And I am here to help make the transition quick and good may to share with you some of the Dream League Soccer 2016 tricks and tips to build the best team and win all your matches!So don't waste a single second here and let's see, Touch, Tap, Play Dream League Soccer 16 tips and tricks below!1. Master controlOne of the most important things in Dream League Soccer 16, the same as any other. football simulation game out there is to master the controls and can take a good pass, a good cross or a good shot. The control scheme in Dream League Soccer 16 it seems to be very difficult to master, with aiming and shooting takes a bit of practice. Make sure that you get all the practice as soon as possible, by playing as many matches as you can and always strive to improve. Even if you have a way better player, you will still get poor results if you can't shoot or pass the ball.2. Play games onlineThe best way to really learn how to play this game is to play against other players. You can play against friends if they are nearby or against random opponents – it doesn't really matter who you play against, as long as you play as many multiplayer games as possible, because that is where you will really learn to play and especially learn some moves of your opponents.Ad3. Be prepared to lose!At first I was angry. Game Multi-player complete loss for me on a big score, while I barely managed to win by one goal in a single player game. But you have to keep playing, give your best and eventually you will learn control and what works better than anything else. But until then, be prepared to lose quite a bit!4. The transfer marketTry not to sell any player for a while – keeping a large squad in order to be able to swap a tired player, but at the same time signs of a better and better player for your team. It's all about their rank and not their name, so just look for players of high quality that comes as cheaply as possible. I know you would love to have a big name out there in your squad, but having quality players is important. So set the lowest price first and see what you can find for the money, they move if there is no good. Just look at the statistics of the player, and never name them!I would suggest to start by signing a solid forward first, because you will need to turn off the player in the final third, then it depends on how you play the squad, another sign of a great forward or a midfielder. Remember that the faster player is better than slower, so always consider the speed of must have attributes for all your players. Then, when you have a decently sized squad, you can start selling low quality players and get better instead.5. What tactic works bestA little more offensive tactics work best in the game – I have had great success with a 4-3-3, but also a classic 4-4-2 works well. Always go with the mentality of attack and you can drop down to moderate when playing online games.6. Develop your playersOnce you have a pretty solid setup player, go to Player Development section and began to train them, improve their stats. One session costs 50 coins, which is quite a lot, but if you upgrade your existing stars and make them even better, it will be worth all the money you spend and you don't need to transfer a lot of the other players. So don't forget about this option, it is very important to train your players once you have established your team.This app is not official is only made to simplify for the user the new game.
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