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Best Free Easy Montessori Fun Learning Games For Toddlers, Preschool And Kindergarten Kids To Learn Time, Colors, Shapes, Alphabet, Sorting, Memory And Problem Solving.▶▶Game and Features Include:
✓ Color Pattern – Great Easy Way To Learn Colors By Making A Color Pattern Puzzle. Kids Will Learn Color Names While Solving The Puzzle. ✓ Sorting & Organizing-Children Will Learn Sorting And Organizing By Putting All The Dirty Clothes In The Laundry Basket.✓ Alphabet Memory & Phonics- Fun Interactive Memory Game For Preschool Kids To Match The Alphabet Letters And Learn Their Abc Sounds From A-Z. Toddlers Develop Their Fine Motor Skills And Improve Their Memory.✓ Match Numbers- Kids Will Learn Numbers And Counting By Matching Number Puzzles.✓ Safe Box- Number Recognition By Rotate The Dial To Set On The Wanted Number To Unlock A Safe.✓ Tell The Time – Kindergarten Children Will Learn How To Tell The Time With This Amazing Time Learning System.✓ Clock Puzzle – Let Your Kids Solve A Clock Puzzle And Learn The Time. ✓ Shape Builder – Kids Will Improve Their Problem Solving Skills By Build Geometric Shapes With Their Slices.✓ Shape Puzzle – A Shape Puzzle Designed For Children To Learn Geometric Shapes And Their Names.✓ Xylophone Puzzle- Wood Xylophone Puzzle With Sounds. Great To Teach Shape Recognition, Sounds And Music Notes.✓ Toddler Train Builder – While Building A Train, Kids Will Improve Their Shape Recognition And Motor Skills.✓ Robot Builder – Building 3 Colorful Robots Is An Amazing Activity For Preschool Children To Practice Sorting, Shape And Color Recognition.✓ Hang Clothes – Hang Same Color Clothes On The Same Color Hanger.Learn Organization, Sorting, Color Recognition, Color Names, Color Matching.✓ Clothes Sorting- Sort All The Clothes By Color And Put Them in Separate Baskets. Goals of This Game: Organization, Sorting, Color Recognition.✓ Matching Shorts and Shapes – Match Similar Design Shorts and Shirts. Matching, Organization, Color Recognition, Pattern Recognition.✓ Pair Flip Flops – Match Colorful Pair of Flip-Flops. Goals of This Game: Learn Matching, Learn Patterns, Learn Colors. √ Professional Instruction Voiceover In A Clear Voice With Perfect Pronunciation For Independent Play And Vocabulary Building!√ User Friendly Setting Page Lets Parents Customize By Turning Each Game On Or Off! √ Two Different Skill Levels, Easy (2, 3 Year Old), Normal (3, 4, 5 Year Old)! √ Great For Independent Play, Homeschool, Children With Learning Differences, Special Needs, And Kids On The Autism Spectrum.
▶▶Cubic Frog™ Free Educational Apps are Great for:
•Girls and Boys 1,2,3,4,5,6 years old•Toddlers•Preschoolers•Kindergarteners•Children with learning differences and on the autism spectrum•Pre-K teachers to use CUBIC FROG™ games in their classroom•Babysitters•Parents, Mom and Dads and Grandparents, Grandmothers and Grandfathers and Caregivers
Cubic Frog™ games simulate the child’s enthusiasm for learning and guide them for independent play. Cubic Frog™ games has Montessori approach and will help children in social and intellectual development. Every material in Cubic Frog™ games support an aspect of child development and making connection between children natural interests and available learning activities.
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