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Developer: Creative Bomb Co.
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First release : 29 Jan 2022
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- Boto the Pink Dolphin, an app to promote children's creativity releases an app for musical education to enhance children's sensibility! - Let's sing and play music with Boto the Pink Dolphin, Beluga the White Whale, and many other friends! - While having fun with Boto the Pink Dolphin, children's IQ, EQ, and CQ will develop!■ What is Boto the Pink Dolphin - White Snow Festival?
① Iruum Vision, which is a professional musical education company, has made a step by step curriculum into a game. The educational program utilized in kindergartens throughout the country, has been applied to the game so children can learn systematically and by stages.
② You can check children's developments and parents' teaching methods for each stage.For each stage, children's developments and parents' teaching methods are introduced. Sing, record, play the instruments and fulfil their sensibilities.
③ You can play various rhythm instruments like big drums, small drums, triangles, jembes and shakers.We put out the best quality of actual instrument sounds including big drums, small drums and tambourines from Iruum Vision. Children can develop their sense of sound while they play the actual music sound.
④ It is a music content for children's IQ, EQ and CQ.The content help the children in their development of sensibility and sociality by listening to the music, which calms the brain and gives mental stability so that they can improve their learning abilities and concentration. It is also a music educational content which develops children's IQ, EQ, and CQ and improves their sense of sound and creativity.
■ Contents for stages of the Pink Dolphin Boto - White Snow Festival
① Let's say hello to each other! - Expressing feelings through the change of sounds② Let's shake our body all together! - Expressing various moves to the music③ Let’s play some musical instruments with Beluga and friends! - Distinguishing the sounds of various instruments④ Let's play with our penguin friends, sledding on ice. - Figuring out the various rhythm patters⑤ Let's make a snowman with Harp Seal - Expressing the sounds of nature in melody⑥ Let's complete a rainbow of seven colors - Expressing the technique with ascending/descending scales, legato, and tremolo
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